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Video Transcript I'm going to do this Maiken Disposable Protective Mask because I think it will fail and we've had too much success lately. I don't like too much success. So I'm going to do this one real quick. Okay, here we go. KN95s are super convenient, but for a lot of people that doesn't fit correctly, I wouldn't ... Oh. All right. We are testing the Maiken surgical mask, which is claiming 95% filtration, but non-medical. Ooh. Nah. That's probably going to come off on your face, I would say. Let's do that test real quick. I'm going to call this smell plastic mine, as in a place where plastic is mined. I know that's not how plastic works, but that's what it smells like. I'm going to do the test on this side. Oh, yeah, that's going to come off on your face for sure. That's not good. So I don't love that mask for that reason.

Aw, man, I just glanced. I was looking for some failures, but it actually ... look at that. What does it say there? 95%? 95.75. And look at that 74.9 Pascals. Wow, that's actually a really good mask. I mean, in the United States that would pass. The lowest standard in the United States is ASTM level one, which is 95%. Typically, I like to look for a level two or three, because you might as well. Why not? You're paying the money. It's about the same price anyways. And that would be 98% or better. These are meeting that 95% standard and they didn't lie to you on the box. So Maiken, you're making a good mask or at least you're not making claims that you shouldn't be. See what I'm doing here? I'll be here all day.

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