Fangtian N95 Respirator

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript Okay, interesting. This is Lloyd Armbrust. This is like someone bought it on Amazon for me. Niosh N95 provides better protection. I hear you. Provides better protection. That is a weird flex. This is the Suzhou Fangtian Industries Co. There's no brand name, though. Oh, it's the Fangtian. Help me with pronunciation, somebody. I mean, this appears to be an actual Niosh N95. Whoa, that is weird. That is not attractive. It is sealed. All right, let me get in the clamp cam. That is interesting. Now, a big difference, really the biggest difference between KN95 and N95, I mean, look at that. Do you see the size of that nose wire? That is like the largest, most obnoxious nose wire I've ever seen in my life. I have to take it off. Otherwise, it won't fit in the ... Dang, this nose wire is ridiculous. Look at that. We got 28 people back on. Welcome. Look at that thing. Geez. All right.

What I was saying was the difference between N95 ... oh yeah, clamp it, and in this one, KN95 and N95, is really the head straps. So, they're making claims. They've got the TC number. That's what you have to look for. TC84A 7862. They've got the lot number, which is optional. They got the manufacturer name and the brand name. So, they're doing all the things. Let me put this on. One goes on the top of the head, one goes behind the neck. Actually a really good fit. Oh, this smells like lamp styrofoam. You know, when you buy a lamp on Amazon, comes in the mail. You open it up and it's got that styrofoam and it has that lamp-y smell.

This is a really good fit. It's actually super comfortable. I am blown away. That nose wire, while ridiculous looking ... let me do the big. This is ridiculous looking, but it is insane. Wow, that's huge. Breathability is 90 pascals. We check the head straps just for ... yeah, super comfortable mask, actually. That's not going to break on your head. There's no way. Although interestingly, it broke evenly. That's probably good from a manufacturer standpoint.

Does that matter if it doesn't protect you? What does the survey say here? Look at that. 99.35. 99.35 with 90.3 pascals. 90.3 pascals. And if you were as blown away by that as I am, this is your sports. That's what's going on here. You now know too much about masks. That's insane. That is super breathable. We got to put this on the database. This is insane. I mean, this is a really good mask. Super ugly. Packaging's horrible. No soft touch box, stupidly sealed thing? Forget about it. Thank you to whoever sent this to me. I don't know who did, but it wasn't me. Where was it? Maybe I'm ordering masks at night. Wake up in the middle of the night. Uh, masks. I can see that.

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