COVAFLU KN95 Flat-Fold Face Mask

COVAFLU KN95 Flat-Fold Face Mask

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon. We're looking today at the Covaflu 9000.

Covaflu 9000.

I added the 9000, it's actually just the KN95, but let's get into the clamper and then we can see how well this thing does. Individually packaged of 10, that's pretty cool. Going the extra mile; printing on the actual package. I've actually not seen that yet for KN95s. Yep, I think this is going to be a legit mask, even though the name is, well, a little questionable. Let's get in the clamp here. Do we want the extra camera? Does the camera work when I'm... nah, it kind of blocks things. Not sure if I should do it that way or not. Yeah, we'll do it this way. We'll do it this way.

This is a little bit different than we do for our surgical masks. We're doing a KN95 test here using NACL to do that. Let's switch on over and talk about the listing really quickly. Bought this on Amazon. Pretty good price, about $1.20 a mask delivered. Nice listing, Covaflu trusted protection, 95% particular filtration. Covaflu was created in 2007 by Clinova, a British consumer health company.

I question that. Come on, the name is killing me here. Covaflu. Okay, I get it. It's for Corona and for the flu, maybe not, maybe it was in 2007. But I didn't love the name, so I was a little biased. Made in China. I guess it's a UK company though, and they are claiming to be a KN95. And it does look legit because you always want to see the GB2626 and then the KN95. I looked on the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization, I didn't see them on there, but I would guess that this is going to do well. Because anytime they are following the actual KN95 standards by putting this on here. Always look for KN95, look for the brand name, look for the model number which they have and GB2626.

And then that last one is the year they're using. Actually the most recent one was 2019, so this is a little bit old, the standard that they're using. Ooh, that's horrible. That's horrible. That's going to fall right off your face. I'm not even going to test it again. That's going to fall right off your face. This is very lightweight. Not in a good way. It doesn't feel like there's a lot of substance here. Well actually wait, I take that back, the ear loops are phenomenal. I like these, the breathe-ability's awesome, 114.5 pascals. Can't beat that. It is a little tight on me. Oh no. It's either tight or perfect. And maybe I'm just not used to perfect, so it actually maybe perfect. It's providing a really good seal, actually. I don't like these style of mask and here's why: [Duck Noises 00:03:27]. I don't like the duck bill, it's weird, man. I don't like the way it looks, but that's me. Okay, okay.

I am going to call this the laundry room at a Marriott hotel that's filled with Chinese masks. It's a very clean smell, overly clean smell, which a lot of these have, but then also that plastic-y KN95 smell that literally every Chinese KN95 smells like. Oh yeah, one of the things I was going to test I was forgetting is the ear loops. Oh, maybe that one was a fluke. Look at that, it broke in three places. I'm not a hundred percent sure this is going to break on your face, but I've seen better ear loops. All right, does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you? Let's check out the PFE machine.

Ah, very good. 99.138, 99.138. Respect, Covaflu. You made a good filtration, just work on the ear loops, that's all. I wouldn't give this one a no. All right, thank you so much for watching. If you ended up buying Covaflu because you watched this video and you were like, dang, I will buy that, maybe give me a like or subscribe. Or if you want to go next level, you've seen what we're doing here. Maybe there's a mask that you have that I haven't tested. I would love to get it. And I would love to test it to see what happens. If you do send me a mask, I've got the address down below. I need the entire box, otherwise it's not a very meaningful test. All right, thanks so much. And I will catch you on that next test.


The COVAFLU KN95 mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 99.15%. All KN95 masks are flat fold and have ear loops instead of head straps or ties.

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 169.

This mask has an odor that smells like a laundry room. The ear loops are comfortable, but flimsy. The seal is good, but the ear loops snapped during testing.

We found this mask on Amazon. Its country of origin is China. Check out our video review for more details.

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