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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every mask in the world, on Amazon, India and in my mailbox. That's right, user submission time. Very excited. So got this from David. I won't say your last name just in case there's some sort of hiding from the mafia thing going on. I don't want to call you out.

Got a nice letter though, on the back, which I'll read. Sir, I didn't see where these had been tested on your website. Bought off Amazon. Thank you for taking the time him from your busy day. David from Wisconsin. Well, thank you, David. We will test these. Powecom, I have heard of this brand. I've not tested them so I'm very excited to. If I look on Amazon they are there and you can get them. And they're claiming 95% filtration efficiency right there in the dang title so let's see if it meets that.

Switch to my box cam here. So notice before we're doing the... That's nice. Comes in a little sealed dealy here. We're doing a different setup because you test KN95s and N95s a little bit differently. And so we have this little device that we created here so that we don't have to use beeswax every time. Yes, beeswax. That's actually how they test N95 masks over at TSI, but not here. Nope. Let's put it in the clamp. But the results should be almost exactly the same as before. All right, so let's get them going.

All right. The PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. You want to find out more about how this works check out the link. It's a little bit different link because we're talking about how our setup is a little bit different. So the first thing we're going to look at is airflow resistance. It's going to be a lot higher for an N95. This is actually, it's pretty good, 125.

Before getting too much into it, we like the drama here, let's look again at the listing. So again, I didn't buy these. David from Wisconsin, if you can trust David, I think I can. I don't know, but you decide. They're definitely claiming 95% efficiency. Look at this. 10 tests by the NPPTL. Wow. That's legit. And they're actually saying that it's reaching 98 to 99% filtration. Well, here we go. Here are their test results. Flow rate, 85 liters. This is exactly the test that we're doing here. And we're using salt, which is a little bit different than our surgical mass tests. So, all right, they're saying 99%. We shall see Powecom. We shall see.

All right, let's look at the bag on this. Powecom, pow, pow, pow. So comes individually sealed inside of this. Look at that right there. Particulate filtration efficiency, 95%. That's the largest I've ever seen. I like the design of it. Looks real slick. It's got the ear loops where if it was an N95 it would be a head tie instead of an ear loop. I like this. This looks like that's ink. It's not ink jet, they're using ink and stamping that on there. And they're showing the GB2626-2006. What that is, that is the Chinese standard for KN95. The reason why I don't love the KN95 standard is because that's a self standard. Anybody can just say that they've done the test themselves and it passes.

Let's try this. Interesting. There's something going on in China. I don't know what it is, but it's this smell. I'm going to call this Chinese plastic. That's what it smells like. Literally I've tested what? Hundreds, three, 400 masks and every single one of them smells like Chinese plastic. It's this smell. I mean, it's not horrible. That's not a derogatory phrase or not meant to be, but it is interesting that they all have this same plastic smell. Very weird.

The fit is really freaking good on this. And actually this does not look terrible. This is actually a pretty good looking mask. And ear loop's super soft. Pretty good. Let's test them out. It's pretty good. Yeah. The thing about these, these are a lot more expensive. So let me see. So let's see, how many do you get for this? 20 pack. Oh, that's actually pretty... So a $1.10, $1.20 each. But for $1.20 each, yeah, that's not very good so I'm going to call them out on that a little bit. For paying that much per... Oh, that's pretty good. Yeah. I don't think it's going to fall off on your face. And I destroyed every single one, David, all of them that you sent me. Maybe David, conspiratorial, yes, but maybe David pre-stretch them because he wanted them to do poorly. I doubt that.

All right. But does any of that matter if they're not meeting their claims? Now remember they were saying 95% plus. Ooh. But then on the listing they're saying, we're talking 99% here. What does it say? What does it say? Let's check it out. Nice work Powecom. Got to give it to you. Efficiency, 99.826. 99.826. Pretty good breathability. Pretty good mask. Got a little bit of that smell. Ear loops not ideal, but good price. Delivered, $26 for 20 masks or packed in what? Packs of five. Not bad. Pretty good mask.

All right. Thank you guys for watching. I appreciate it. Thank you, David from Wisconsin for sending that. I really do appreciate that. Wait. Oh, wow. This is really embarrassing. I've been saying Wisconsin this whole time. It's not Wisconsin. Oh, man. It's a good thing I caught that. David would've been... I would've gotten an angry email because he's from West Virginia, which is a different state. Totally different state, different culture. Wow, way off. My apologies, David. I like West Virginia quite a bit actually so next time I'm there let's hook up. All right. Thank you guys for watching and I will catch you on the next test.


Made by Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies Co, these KN95 masks are legit - and frankly helped restore some of our faith in humanity...by showing that there are actually some good KN95 mask imports.

That being said - we wouldn't recommend buying them from Amazon...which is overrun with counterfeit versions...so the best place to pick these masks up is through their exclusive US distributor, Bonafidemasks.com 

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I bought several pkgs of Powecom kn95 masks after doing a lot of research on what to look for a legit kn95 mask. This brand seemed to fit the legit standards. I bought 2 pkg white from Bonafide masks in USA distribution center & 1 pkg from Amazon as I didn’t find black kn95 on Bonafide Mask website. I never saw Powecom Kn95 on Ambursts site to purchase. Armbursts USA Kn95 masks seemed to large for a tight fit, so that’s why I went to Powecom Masks at Bonafide Mask Distributers.

Is there a better legit mask Kn95 somewhere to purchase?

Jennie Bacanian April 04, 2022

The Powecom masks are available here: https://bonafidemasks.com/
If you order now I recommend using UPS because my orders through USPS are not shipping.

Matt January 27, 2022

The Powecom mask pictured is stamped with the newer GB2626-2019 standard – However, the Powecom mask tested in the accompanying video is stamped with the older GB2626-2006 standard – I’m not sure if Lloyd has tested the Powecom manufactured to the newer GB2626-2019 standard – Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Dave January 23, 2022

I did purchase some Powecom from Amazon before I was aware of the distributor agreement. They had a verification sticker on the back to check if they are genuine. Would this not be sufficient to ensure good product and not fake?

C January 20, 2022

Where or when are they available.

Lacier January 16, 2022

I bought these originally from Project N95, the supplier was Planet Halo Health but it’s no longer available.

Justin Wilcox January 16, 2022

Are the powecom KN95 masks available? If not, when will they be? Or, can you recommend a place to buy them?

Lisette Gibson January 14, 2022

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