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Video Transcript Hey everyone, welcome back to the place that we are testing every single mask on Amazon. Very excited to see a recent explosion of KF94 masks on Amazon and I bought the (beep) out of them. I'm already swearing on one minute into the video, haven't even put a mask in the clamper and I'm already excited.

So looking at the H.A.C Plus Hue An Chung. I'm not saying that right, probably, but disinfection mask. How does that work? I think that's probably a translation issue, but look at how huge this box is. Gosh, did I buy a computer or is this a bunch of masks? So these masks are all from South Korea and I haven't watched the Squid Game, so I don't have anything to say about that.

But dude, South Korean's know packaging. Look at this, individually packaged every single one, and then you get a giant box. Like you could be going to the state fair handing out masks left and right. Six minutes in, and I haven't even put a mask in the clamper. I don't even know what to do with this box. It's so huge.

I'm not used to boxes this big. We'll just leave that one alone. Look at that. Now this is a KF94. As I mentioned before, It's a South Korean standard, which the South Korean standard typically, I've had a couple that did not really pass the standard or were... But for the most part, there's just not a lot of counterfeits with them, the KF94. And I'll talk about why I think that is in just a second, but I want to look at the mask first.

This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. What that means is we're using NA... We're doing the N95 test, which is the American standard. And I'm not super familiar with the South Korean standard, but I do know that the 94 stands for 94%. So if this gets 94 or better, that's a good test. It shows you like... I think there's a lot of subjective things. Do you like the way a mask fits? Do you feel like it seals well? How does it smell? Those are all going to be personal things that you need to decide, but filtration fabric, this is an objective test that we're doing here. Let's open this up.

So I'd mentioned South Koreans love having great packaging. The KF94 is a standard by the Korean ministry of food and drugs. It's basically the Korean FDA. And they are like very serious, like NIOSH with N95 is very serious. And that's why most of the manufacturers are really good. I love the flat design, it's very efficient, also fits on your face really well typically. So I'm going to do this first. Oh, wow. That's great. Holy cow. I like gave that a good pull, that is not coming off. Of course, I just made it too big for my face. They also typically sell these in multiple sizes.

Oh man, I'm going to call this smell, "A Bottle of Ammonia... Empty Bottle". And you know, ammonia like dissipates pretty well. So it's just barely there, but it's a heavy ammonia smell, which is the second time I've had that from a KF94, which is interesting, but pretty good fit overall, very soft spun bond. And I think the reason why the KF94 brand is not copied a lot, and there's not a lot of fakes out there, is just because it's expensive to make this. Almost all the KF94s come individually packaged. It's a very specific type of machine that's in South Korea.

You cannot have a KF94 officially unless it's made in South Korea. And it's actually like breaking laws in every country to say that something is made in the wrong country. So if you're making something in India or China, even the scammers won't lie about the country of origin, that's really hard to fake.

And so KF94 is kind of protecting themselves because you would have to make the fake inside of Korea. So I think that's what's protecting them. So let's see if that holds up. That usually holds up for KF94s. And it does. So in this case, 99.609, that is a fricking great test, 99.609. Remember KF94 only needs to hit 94%. And this one's blowing that out of the park. I've actually seen a lot of KF94s that are in the 95, 96, 97... 99? Like that's awesome. This is a great mask. I would definitely recommend this mask. Smell is a little bit weird. I think there are better fitting ones for me personally, but if you were wondering if this is a good mask, I think it is. What was the breath-ability on it?


178. Okay, so the breath-ability is a little high. I think I tested the Dr. Perry mask and it was a lot closer to a hundred great breath-ability, so that may be a better mask, I don't know. But that mask did smell a lot like burning, which actually I prefer over this smell. That's just me. Yeah. So I don't know. Your mileage may vary. This is going to be hard. Typically, I want to see under 150 pascals and this is 178. All right, thank you guys so much for watching. If you end up buying this mask because this video was helpful, give me a like, or subscribe if you want to, or you could always steal my dog and hold him ransom, send me pictures of him like handcuffed in a bed. It's just nasty. I'll catch you on the next test.


All in all this is a great mask.  Fantastic filtration, decent breathability, reasonable smell, and good construction.  Good fit overall with very soft spunbond and super strong earloops.

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