AMXUS Fish Type KN95 Protective Mask (KF94) non-medical

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Video Transcript Hey there. Welcome back to the place where we are testing every single mask on Amazon. Very excited to look at the KF94 mask and to see what is developing in this universe. Korean's making a very good product. If it's a KF94, it has to be made in Korea. But, China is not going to let them win. Oh no, oh no. So, what has happened? Well, we bought these masks on Amazon and I don't know which ones we bought because this is one of those situations we bought a hundred masks and a bunch show up.

We haven't been able to figure out which listing this came from, but these fake KF94s showed up. Clearly see, this is an Amazon bag. These showed up. They're even saying in Korean, yellow dusk prevention mask, which is basically, I think the KF94 is designed for pollen, but then you can flip this over and see on the back. It's got a Chinese certificate on the back. So, this is just great. China just does not want to let anybody have any edge way at all when it comes to masks. They want to be the best in the world. Even the KF94, which you cannot make in China, you have to make KF94s in Korea.

Let's open this up, and let's put it in the clamper and see because what I found, when they are Chinese made KF94s, they don't pass the standards. Not always, but it happens. They know no bounds. All right, put this in here. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We are using this to test to see if it meets the KF94 standard of 94% or KN95 standard because in that tiny, tiny lettering, they're saying this is a KN95. We know it's not. They're clearly lying about it on the bag. I just love that they're putting the Korean writing. So, I'm kind of wondering, are they trying to trick Americans into thinking this is a KF94 because Americans are used to seeing Korean writing, or are they selling this into the Korean market and trying to trick Koreans as well, not sure. If you have any ideas hit me up in the comments, very exciting mask times.

It's not the... Typically, KF 94 are really strong. That's pretty good though to be honest. One dead giveaway, by the way of KF94s, almost every legitimate KF94 comes in individually sealed masks. This one was a pack of 10, and Koreans just don't do that. They just love their packaging too much, I guess. I love their packaging too much. Let's put this on. This, I'm going to call a small... It smells like a small plastic fire. Now, remember we know this is a fake KF94 because it's not made in Korean. To be a legitimate KF94, it has to be made in Korea. This is not. It's made in China. We saw the certificate. It's not individually packaged. There are all of these things. Does that usually translate to being fake when it comes to the filtration? Yes, in this case it does, 26%. What's incredible is that the airflow resistance is so high. That's not very breathable for it not being very good at a filtration efficiency, 26%.

It's so bad that I'm wondering if they have any meltblown in here at all. So, we have spunbond, very thick, outer layer of spunbond, very, very thick, thin layer of spunbond. Typically, the KF94s are four layers. So, you have two layers of meltblown. This one is only one layer maybe. It actually looks like pretty good meltblown. I think it's just... It's got a lot of striations in it. I wouldn't guess that this is... And, it is two layers of meltblown. So, it is a four layer mask. It's just really bad meltblown.

We actually did find them. So, they are the Amxus KF94, 110 pieces, whoa, 20 cents a piece. That's another dead giveaway. KF94 is a little bit more expensive than that. But, look, I don't know how we got this. Look at this, three ratings. Somehow, we found out. I told you we're going to buy every single mask on Amazon, and we did. All right, guys, thank you so much for watching, appreciate your time and attention. Ah, it's so exciting. These new mask developments, isn't it? For me it is because I know way too much about it. This is my sports. So, look, my team's losing. I got to come back, the coach or something. I don't know. Thank you guys so much for watching, stick with me. I will catch you on the next masking adventure. It's going to be a good one, tomorrow, see you there.

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