Protex N95 Particulate Respirator (Cup)


The Protex N95 Respirator is made by Shawmut Advanced Materials, a family owned company that's been making medical fabrics for over a century.

This American manufacturer has a reputation for incredible attention to detail, which becomes obvious once you see the next-level build quality of this mask.

When designing the Protex SR9520, Shawmut's engineers spent more than a year experimenting with different head straps and nose foams to create one of the most secure and comfortable N95s on the market. Those elements, coupled with their in-house meltblown production, makes the Protex a world class N95 respirator.

Made in Massachusetts

NIOSH Certification: TC-84A-9295

20 masks per box 

Cup / Headstrap

User Instructions

Shawmut – a world leader in advanced materials – has put everything they know into the Protex™ N95 molded-cup-style respirator.


Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, Shawmut’s new Protex™ Model SR9520 mask is designed to be more comfortable and easier to breathe through than traditional N95 respirator, without sacrificing safety.

  1. Soft, non-abrasive inner shell is precisely thermoformed for a superior fit
  2. Lightweight, super-high-efficiency filter layer is easier to breathe through
  3. Comfortable viscoelastic nose foam provides a secure seal and reduces eyeglass fog
  4. Expanded force-curve elastic head straps are engineered to fit a wider rang of sizes


  • Polypropylene filter and outer cover
  • PET inner shell
  • Elastic straps
  • Aluminum nose clip
  • Viscoelastic polyurethane nose foam
  • All materials are latex and PVC free


  • COLOR: White with yellow straps
  • STYLE: Molded Cup, non-valve
  • SIZE: Medium/Large
  • WEIGHT: 0.3 oz per mask
  • PACKAGING: 20 masks/box
  • COMPLIANCE: NIOSH 42CFR 84, TC-84A-9295
  • TYPE: Disposable Filtering Facepiece Respirator 
  • FILTRATION EFFICIENCY • N95 - 95% against solid particulates & nonpetroleum based liquid aerosols at 0.3 microns


    Protex™ N95 particulate respirators have a standard shelf life of 5 years when respirators are stored in their original packaging within climatic conditions ranging from -4 °F (-20°C) to +86 °F (+30°C). Use respirators before the “use by” date specified on each box. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: 508-588-3300 |


    SIZE INFORMATION: Standard Size. 

    Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of N95 masks.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 89 reviews
    Rachel K.
    I bought a box of

    I bought a box of the Shawmut brand N95s for myself and my mom. They are very snug and well made. I purchased them to wear while in the airport and on the plane. I';m very happy with my purchase and with Armbrust. I';d previously ordered some surgical masks and am equally happy with those.

    John S.
    This is the mask for

    This is the mask for me! Being a high school science teacher during the Covid pandemic has left me quite anxious. With up to 34 students in each of my classes who don';t always mask well, I was nervous. With rising Covid cases in our community, once Delta hit, I was determined to ramp up my masking protocols by finding a US made N95 that worked for me. The Shamut N95 from Armbrust has fit the bill! I tried the IFM N95 mask also from Armbrust but found that it didn';t fit my face that well. The Shawmut mask has a lot going for it.

    Here';s a synposis:
    Pros: NO MORE FOGGING GLASSES!! This mask provide a tight seal all of the way around the edge--including around my nose. The foam strip glued on the inside of the mask (directly under the metal nose bridge) provides a very comfortable sealing surface. The metal nose bridge is wide enough and long enough to provide the seal I was hoping for. In addition, the metal is stiff enough that even if I remove the mask, the metal keeps its shape- no need to "refit" the mask when I put it back on. I find the mask easy to breath through and not too bad at muffling my voice (critical for a classroom teacher). But, it does muffle some. This has to be true for all N95 masks.

    Cons: The tension on the straps is pretty high after I put the mask on. I suppose this is how that tight seal is maintained. Maybe it';s my large sized head, but this does add a bit of discomfort as the day goes by. Then again, I know that the mask is sealing correctly!

    If you';re looking for tight fitting, American made, comfortable mask sold an incredible company, then checkout the Shamut N95 from Armbrust. I';m glad that I did!

    Randall M.
    Work great and are very

    Work great and are very comfortable and easy to breath in.

    Christine S.
    I actually bought these to

    I actually bought these to wear on the airplane for my trip in 2022. I have asthma and it’s very Important to keep myself safe. I might wear one at church as well because of the close contact with people.

    David A.
    Made in the USA means

    Made in the USA means a lot! Thank you.

    Ken Rodriguez
    They work fine

    These masks fit, and they can be adjusted to allow air to pass only through the mask. You need to stretch out the bottom band before putting it on, but that's OK. A little hard to breathe through, but that's how you know it's working.

    We are so happy that you are loving your Made in the USA N95 masks, Ken and we truly appreciate your support!


    Great product!

    Cam Proctor
    Great masks!

    These fit perfectly. The shell doesn't deform and break seal, the nose piece adjusts perfectly for my face. Worn to work, they aren't uncomfortable after an 8hr day. And they're a great price! Yay for USA made masks!

    Hi Cam! Thanks so much for your review - we are so happy that you are loving your masks!


    Too small and uncomfortable

    Cindy Lindgren

    They were tight and uncomfortable. I took three on my trip, could not wear them. Not what I thought they would be. Not a good value for me.