Gerson 3230 N95 Respirator (Duckbill)



Gerson began as a small manufacturing outfit more than 60 years ago in Boston, MA.  Today, Gerson distinguishes itself as a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of a full range of air-purifying respirators, from filtering facepieces to half-mask to full face respirators, all products of outstanding design and value. Filtering facepiece respirators for example, such as various styles of N95 respirators, have been produced in Middleboro, MA since 1985 on unique, high-speed equipment of our own design and construction, incorporating our own melt-blown filter material to provide high-performing filtration with exceedingly comfortable breathing characteristics.

If you watch our video review these masks do have a rubber smell at first due to the headbands. The smell dissipates fairly quickly, but want you to be aware. 

Made in Middleboro, MA
NIOSH Certification: TC-84A-9285
50 masks per box
Duckbill / Headstrap

Product Description

  • Quantity: 1 Box (50 N95 Respirators per box)
  • Model Name: 3230
  • Sizes: One Size
  • Product Features
    • This respirator has been approved as a NIOSH N95 filtering facepiece respirator, for use in healthcare settings, as a Surgical N95 Respirator conforming to recognized standards for biocompatibility, flammability, and fluid resistance
    • The respirator has an extremely low breathing resistance of 4.1 mm H2O inhalation and 5.1 mm exhalation, so you’ll hardly notice that you are wearing an N95 respirator 
    • Durable outer layer and super-soft liner - Made to withstand hardworking environments while providing all-day comfort 
    • Compact Folded Pouch Style mask for easy storage; Individually wrapped for cleanliness 
    • Synthetic rubber head straps designed for a comfortable and secure tension profile and extended life 
    • Latex Free, Staple free construction 
  • Manufacturer 
    • GERSON® has been manufacturing NIOSH Approved, FDA cleared respirators for more than 35 years.
    • ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer of respiratory protective devices
    • Manufactured in Middleboro, MA U.S.A.
  • CDC NIOSH TC-84A-9285
  • Dimensions: 9.25” X 3.5”

Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of N95 masks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Mary Catherine Stoddard
Great breathability!

This mask is the most comfortable I have worn. Masks that have straps behind the ears always give me headaches. This style of mask also allows for amazing breathability. They are a bit tricky to get on, but I adapted. I wish they would come in different colors, But please, not orange or yellow. That would add to the duck bill look.😝

I highly recommend this mask.

Thank you for your review!

Duckbill puns always make us chuckle, too!

Elaine Leonard Puppa
Extra breathing room short straps.

The duckbill does not fit as close to the nose and is more comfortable but the straps are a little short for anyone with a large head. It fits securely and seems to require less adjusting as it does not slide down the nose as much.

Thank you for your in-depth review!

We really value your feedback, and will continue to make quality masks available for all.

Arielle Phoenix
The only N95 that seals for me!

This mask is a Godsend! Because the nose wire is not bent in the middle, and it is easily molded, I finally found an N95 that seals on my face! I have deep set eyes and and a small long face. Nothing else seals completely on my face! This is perfect! I also love that it leaves plenty of room to breathe! It doesn’t touch my lips. As a person with asthma and bronchiectasis who lives in these, this is the answer to prayer!

My absolute favorite mask

Thank you, Lloyd, for the video, which sold me on the Gerson a year ago. Omicron hit and a family member decided "we're all gonna get it," so I had to up my mask game. I use two other N95/N99, but this is my favorite. I am comfortable for hours in the Gerson. Can chase a toddler, hike up a steep hill. Super super breathable. Nose area 10/10 comfy and secure. Sometimes the elastic is not reliable but it's a minor issue. THANKS Lloyd and Gerson.

Sarah J M
Finally, a comfortable mask!

I’ve spent the pandemic periodically looking for a respirator mask that fits my face well, gets a good seal, and is actually comfortable. So many masks were too big, the wrong shape, leaked air at the edges, caused annoying glasses fogging, or dug into my face despite all the little fixes I tried. It was miserable wearing any of them for more than a couple minutes. So I didn’t go anywhere fun for 2+ years! But THIS mask? I plan to wear one on a cross-country flight next month. Enough said!

Straps break easily - best for one-time use

The fit and breathability of this mask is great, but the head straps pull of the mask after a a few uses, so it would be best for one-time use. With the first mask I tried, one of the head straps broke after taking it on and off about 5 times in one day (going in and out of buildings). The second mask broke on the 2nd day of wear (after taking it on and off about 6 times). Wish the straps were more sturdy, and the mask came in a black or gray option.

(Re-writing this review because the last one automatically gave it 5 stars)

Thank you for your review!

It is indeed true that these N95 masks are one-time-use masks. As per CDC recommendations, this mask should not be worn after the initial use to ensure there is no cross-contamination.

We appreciate so much your support and feedback!

Chipmunk club president
Good for chipmunk cheeks

Due to my north European ancestry, I have fairly rounded cheeks and a decent sized honker. This is about the only respiratory that fits me well. It does loose its shape in the front but doesn't leak. While my glasses sometimes fog, I've tested for myself that my breath going THROUGH the mask is the source, not edge leakage. The breathability just can't be beat. I can easily smell most aromas (thankfully it cuts down on strong perfumes a bit). I actually like the head straps over ear loops. I agree with remarks about the rubbery odor but for me this soon dissipates. It's a great mask. I would of course like a slightly wider option.

Thank you for your review!

It is our pleasure to provide masks that fit so well! We will also continue to look into more sizing options for the future.

Emilie Buchwald
Good mask

Comfortable and safe.

We are proud to provide these comfortable and safe masks for you!

Ted Johnson
Ordered 50 more!

I was so pleased with mask that I ordered 50 more. Find that I wear these masks longer than others I have tried since they are so comfortable both in fit and in "breathability." Since I do wear them longer, I decided to discard them sooner and switch to a new one. Small price to pay for such a quality product.

So glad you are able enjoy and be protected by our quality USA-made masks!

Roger Astrum
Finally a good seal

I have a thin, long face which makes it incredibly difficult to get a mask that will seal properly. These masks are my go to masks! They seal great. Thank you.

Thank you so much for leaving your review!

We are glad to hear you have found these Gerson N95s to fit so well!