DemeTECH N95 Respirator (Fold-Style)


Number of Masks:
Color: Light Blue
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Demetech masks are made in Florida by a family who has been making surgical products for more than 30 years. At the height of the pandemic they quickly built the largest mask factory in North America.  Even more impressive is their commitment to being Berry-Act Compliant, which means that 100% of their masks and materials are guaranteed to be made in the United States.

The DemeTECH N95 Respirator (Fold-Style) is manufactured using the highest quality materials. The Mask is comprised of 5 layers, with 2 filtration layers that filter >98% of all airborne particles.

Made in Florida
NIOSH Certification: TC-84A-9251
5 masks per box
Cone Shape / Headstrap

Material Composition 

  • Outer Layer:  100% non-woven Polyproplene Fabric

  • Filter: Melt-Blown Filtration Layer

  • Inner Layer: Polypropylene spunbond

  • Nose Clip:  Adjustable Nose Clip

  • Headstraps: Double welded cloth elastic headband 


  • Description: N95 Respirator 

  • NIOSH Certification: TC-84A-9251

  • Part Number: DT-N95-FH

  • 5 N95 Respirators per bag

Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood.
160mm Hg
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
Exhalation Resistance
<35mm H2O
Inhalation Resistance
<25 mm H2O
Class 1


Features & Benefits:

  • Soft Inner Polypropylene Layer: provides comfort for long periods of wear
  • Double Filtration Layer: provides strong protections against 99% of airborne particles and bacteria (tested in third-party laboratory)
  • High Density Outer Polypropylene Layer: provides strong resistance against airborne liquids 
  • Double Welded Head Straps: provide strong fit and seal against the wearers face
  • Unique Folded Design: provides low storage space while not in wear

SIZE INFORMATION: Standard and Small sizes available. 

Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of N95 masks.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Angela B.
I love the feel of

I love the feel of the mask. Unfortunately, the bottom strap snapped on me in a patient room. If this problem could get resolved, this mask would always be my go to!

Leslie B.
Much more comfortable than masks

Much more comfortable than masks that loop around the ear- it was easy to slip the strap from the back of my head to my neck to all pulling down the mask ie during air travel to eat or drink. The mask is a little big for my face and bunched up a little but otherwise a good safe fit. I would buy it again using it for travel

Maria F.
Mask fit well and they

Mask fit well and they are well made. I’ve recommended family and friends cause I’ve been really happy with all my purchases.

Ellen Brody Decker

I love these masks especially because its hard to get small ones and you have them. Thank you!

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying our masks.

Handy to keep in vehicle

Handy to keep in all my trucks as they are in packaging! I distribute them among our vehicles so no sudden worry on where's the mask?? As a cancer survivor who is still on meds, I am still wearing masks so I greatly appreciate US made masks!!!

Thank you for your review and kind words!


Demetech N95, is not good compare to PHG. The strings came off and broke off from the mask. Recently I bought 20 and 5 of them were broken off from the strings. The material is rough compare to PHG. Disappointed !

Kenneth Ware
Out of stock

I was tired of waiting, so I bought direct from the manufacture. Same price.

The straps break constantly

These were the gold standard in our house for months until we noticed how many straps were breaking. I always had to carry a spare just in case I went to remove it and the head strap snapped off. We switched to another type/brand. For the price I expected a lot more durable!

Don';t seal as well as I wanted and straps break often

I love the way these feel on and they are much more comfortable than other N95 masks I have been wearing during COVID. However the masks do not seal well always around the nose bridge. The biggest issue though is that about 30-40 percent of the time, the straps break. They actually come off at the point of connection, not snapping somewhere in the middle. This has happened consistently with the boxes of these I purchased. It doesn';t happen with every mask but enough of them that it';s a big problem.

Elizabeth C.
Love masks but won’t seal around nose

I really wanted to love this mask. However, I’ve tried several times to create a seal around my nose. My glasses will fog regardless. I am not sure that the foam pad is not hindering a good seal. The foam is thick and I’m not sure it’s treated to block viral particles or preventing a good seal .