DemeTECH N95 Respirator (Cup)


 Demetech masks are made in Florida by a family who has been making surgical products for more than 30 years. At the height of the pandemic they quickly built the largest mask factory in North America.  Even more impressive is their commitment to being Berry-Act Compliant, which means that 100% of their masks and materials are guaranteed to be made in the United States.

This N95 cup-style respirator is designed to comfortably fit most facial shapes while providing excellent respiratory protection against airborne particles and bacteria. The fitted mask adapts to the natural shape of the face, minimizing pressure points. The molded nose bridge reduces the adjustments needed to achieve a proper fit and provides a secure seal.

Made in Florida
20 masks per pack 
Cup / Headstrap

Technical Characteristics: 

Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, measured in mm Hg
160mm Hg
Bacterial  Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
Exhalation Resistance
35 mm H2O
Inhalation Resistance
25 mm H2O
Class 1


Features & benefits

  • Exclusive design that minimizes the pressure points and fits comfortably on most faces
  • Highly protective filter media protects against 99% of airborne particles and bacteria
  • Strong, rigid outer shell prevents masks from collapsing on the wearer's face
  • Dual welded head straps secure the respirator comfortably on the user’s face


Return policy: We cannot accept returns of any open packages of N95 masks.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Fit well but are these niosh certified

    These fit well and are easy to breathe through. I do not see a nios certification number on the description, which makes me wonder if they are certified and where the ';technical description'; results of filtering >98% of particulate come from.

    Other Masks are Better

    Having tried the Protex N95 and been happy with it except for the rubber band type straps, this Demetech N95 misses the mark. The plus is the straps are elastic-like material that is superior to the Protex; however the fit is off. There is a weird gathering of material at the nose bridge that almost interferes with vision. That';s the deal breaker. In addition, the fit round the face is less snug than the Protex.
    You bet you';re right: I';ll stick with the Protex for now.

    Muh-Chung L.
    I trust US-made N95, not

    I trust US-made N95, not KN95.

    Lori M.
    Around the head masks

    Thick and easy to breathe from, excellent seal around face, comfortable to wear. I feel protected.

    Betty K.
    I would want the behind

    I would want the behind the ears instead of behind the head elastic next time, otherwise, excellent mask!

    John W.
    These work well. Good fit

    These work well. Good fit with the elastic bands that go around the head and not the ears. Keeps me breathing safe