ACI N95 Surgical Respirator (Duckbill)


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As the pandemic gripped the country, ACI launched one of the nation’s largest production lines for N95 respirator masks, creating hundreds of jobs in the process.  

Over the past year they've manufactured more than 90 million masks and become one of the largest suppliers of this duckbill style respirators.

Made in Florida
NIOSH Certification: TC84A-9318
50 masks per box
Duckbill / Headstrap
ACI N95 Surgical Respirator (Duckbill)

Material Composition  

  • Inner Facing: White Polypropylene  Spunbond
  • Outer Facing: Blue Polypropylene Spunbond
  • Filter Media: White Electret-treated Meltblown
  • Headband: Light Blue, Elastomeric Polyurethane
  • Nosepiece: Annealed Carbon Wire


  • NaCl Penetration: <5% @ 85 lpm 
  • Exhalation Resistane: <25mm 
  • Inhalation Resistance: <35mm
  • Approved and Cleared for Use in Healthcare Settings by FDA/NIOSH
  • ASTM F1862 Level 3 Fluid Resistance
  • Flammability Class 1
  • Flat pouched design that provides a cooler breathing chamber
  • Non-abrasive comfort layer for moisture management 

Customer Reviews

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R He
Love these!

These fit me well and are well-priced. Shipping & delivery went well.

Thank you for your review! Glad to hear the delivery got to you quickly.

Perfect for flying

I wore these masks for full days of travel and they were very comfortable and easy to breathe and speak in. Added bonus that I am officially one of the only people I know who haven't gotten COVID while traveling, and I give credit to these masks. All hail the duck masks.

Comfortable, well-priced N95

I have been wearing these masks daily for a 20-minute walking commute and 8-hour workday since January, and they are the most comfortable facemasks of any kind that I have ever worn. The design holds the mask away from one's nose and mouth to avoid muffled speech or impeded breathing. The head straps stay in place without digging in. I am very pleased with this design. The only improvement that could be made is that the white bendable piece for the bridge of the nose could be better adhered to the mask. It sometimes comes unglued at the edges of either side by the end of the day, but not enough to impair the seal.

BEST N95 ever

This is the best N95 respirator ever for the following reasons:
1. Cheapest/most affordable/lowest unit price N95 respirator on the market
2. Most comfortable duckbill N95 respirator on the market and probably the most comfortable N95 respirator on the market(The only one that might be be more comfortable is the readimask which I have not tried as it is too expensive.) Some people have even reported being able to sleep with it on without a problem, not that I have tried. It is so comfortable you can forget that you are wearing it. The duckbill design keeps it as far away from face as possible (except the edges) improving comfort and creating a nice air pocket to increase breathability.
3. Probably the most breathable N95 respirator on the market.
4. Unlike KN95s, Uses head straps instead of earloops that painfully pull on ears
5. Extremely good seal.
6. It is surgical N95 respirator so it is both an N95 respirator and surgical mask in one and provides protection against fluids. For hospital workers, it means you can take it into the OR without fear. For the rest of us, fluid protection is wonderful.
7. Stores flat before use to save space.

Only downside is it the straps must be manually separated before use.


By far the most comfortable N95 I’ve tried. Wish they came in smaller quantities, but they don’t expire, so we will use them all eventually.

Hello and thank you for your kind review! Your N95 masks will expire 5 years past your purchase date!

We will note with our team your note about the available quantity on the ACI N95 masks!

J M Dixon
Outstanding service, fine product.

The most impressive and most satisfying aspect of my order was the excellent service; it was quick and accurate, and I was kept informed of the order's progress from the initial order to the delivery. Plus, the shipping was free! The masks were exactly as described and came well packaged.

I could not be more pleased with my order from Armbrust!

We work hard at trying to not only make top-of-the-line masks, but to provide first-class service as well.

Glad you enjoyed your experience!

Maria Vittoria Cifone

Unfortunately, I did not receive the package on time before my departure from the US. I found the information about shipping not clear, but I received the refund in full, which I appreciated. I would recommend ARMBRUST.

Susan Kirby
Duckbill masks are super!

I have tried several types of masks and these Duckbill masks are terrific! They fit, they don’t itch and they are cheap! I spent a lot on the bowl-shaped N-95 masks when I read the cloth masks hardly worked and the paper disposables weren’t much better. They were terribly itchy and I could never get my glasses to fit with that over my nose. The duckbill fits, accommodates my glasses, and doesn’t itch. Can’t recommend highly enough!


These fit and seal great

Lisa Taylor
The most comfortable and best value

I've tried a lot of N95s and these are my favorites. The only negative about them is they might not be as durable as some of the others - I generally wear one mask several times, mostly for errands but also for my 1-2 days per week in the office - but any difference is compensated by comfort and value.