ACI Surgical N95 Respirator


ACI Surgical N95 Respirator user instructions

1. Separate the edges of the Respirator to open fully.

2. Slightly bend the nosepiece to form a curve.

3. Use your index fingers and thumbs to form a tighter curve at the center of the nosepiece.

4. Hold the Respirator upside down to reveal the two headbands.

5. Separate the two headbands with your index fingers and thumbs.

6. Cup the Respirator under your chin while holding both headbands with your index fingers and thumbs.

7. Pull both headbands over your head.

8. Position and release the lower headband at the base of your neck.

9. Position and release the top headband on the crown of your head.

10. Conform the nosepiece to your nose by firmly pressing down with your fingers.

11. Continue to adjust the Respirator edges until you have achieved a secure fit.

12. Perform negative pressure user seal check. Respirator user inhales sharply while blocking the paths for air to enter the facepiece. A successful check is when the facepiece collapses slightly under the negative pressure created with this procedure