Prestige Ameritech ProGear N95


  1. Open the front pleat and form the respirator into a cup.
  2. Locate the headbands and hold them apart with your thumbs.
  3. Cup the bottom of respirator under the chin and pull the headbands over the head, keeping the mask level from side to side.
  4. Place one strap at the crown of your head and one at the base of the head.
  5. With your index fingers, form the aluminum nose strip against the nose ensuring that there is no gaping at the side edges of the nose.
  6. While pushing the noise piece firmly against the nose with four fingers, use your thumbs to mold the ends of the strip around the cheek bones ensuring there is no gaping between the nose and the mask or cheek bones.  Note: Always use two hands when molding the nosepiece. Pinching with one hand may result in improper fit and less effective respirator performance.
  7. Check the bottoms and side of the mask and remove any wrinkles or gaps.
  8. Perform a user seal check.

Doffing Instructions:

  1. Without touching the respirator, slowly lift the bottom strap from around your neck up and over your head.
  2. Lift off the top strap. Do not touch the respirator.
  3. Discard according to infection control policy.