Why N95 Masks Aren't Perfect (Mask Questions)

N95 Respirator masks are the most frequently referenced when talking about the best masks you can wear. I love them, obviously, because I manufacture and sell them. But I do have a few gripes with many of the masks found on the market today. Before diving deep into mask making, I noticed a few flaws in N95 masks...

What are some flaws in N95 Masks?

  • For one, they are wasteful. Masks can waste up to 60% of the material they are pressed from. Compare that to a surgical mask, which is cut from sheets, wasting almost no material in the manufacturing process.
  • Because they are so wasteful, N95 wearers may think they are offsetting the environmental cost by reusing their mask over and over. But this is both unsanitary and unsafe. Would you reuse Kleenex? What about toilet paper?
  • Most situations don’t call for an N95 Mask. A good quality surgical mask from Armbrust is more than enough protection when worn properly.

So, don't believe the hype. N95 masks have gotten mostly good press, but the reality is surgical masks are probably a better option for a lot of situations.