Does Double Masking Really Work? An Explanation.

Wearing a surgical mask is a great way to minimize the spread of COIVD-19. But no matter how good your surgical mask is, it loses its effectiveness over time. Unfortunately, FDA prohibits anyone, including me, from answering the question definitively. But I can try to offer some insight...

How long should you wear a single use mask?

FDA guidelines dictate that a single use mask should, as the name suggests, be tossed after “single use.” However, the FDA won’t define just what “single use” means. There has only been one mask approved for use upwards of 8 hours. It retails at about $49. Not exactly a cost-effective way of staying safe.

Armbrust instead approaches the question in a different way, asking, “How long should I use my single use mask for?” The answer is about 24 hours, though, personally, I wouldn’t use it for more than eight hours. Because masks are so widely available, we should err on the side of caution instead of conservation. “It’s your health, why risk it.”

Does double masking work?

If you’re wearing a less-than-great quality mask, wearing two at a time could certainly be beneficial. However, doing this may make breathing difficult, much like sleeping with a comforter over your head.

Armbrust USA masks specifically use new technology that allows us to use less material per mask, and easier breathability.