What Will Mask Companies Do After the Vaccine?

Will mass-marketed surgical masks become obsolete once the world receives the COVID-19 vaccine? Not by a longshot. Well, at least for ours. Armbrust is one of the only vertically integrated mask factory in the U.S -- meaning it makes the fabric for its masks at the same place where the masks are assembled.

What will mask companies do after the vaccine is distributed?

When considering how to launch a surgical mask factory, I naturally considered a post-COVID-19 world where the demand for masks would drop considerably. That's why I built this company based on pre-pandemic figures. Thus, the business potential for the Armbrust Factory won’t just evaporate when the demand for masks stabilizes. That's because the non-woven polypropylene fabric used for the surgical masks (as well as the meltblown filter layer) is used in the manufacturing of several other produces, such as home air filters, shoe covers, surgical hair nets and gowns, and even home wrapping.

Where are the tracking chips inside of each surgical mask?

Jokes aside, I want to give a real answer for this. Despite the many conspiracies surrounding surgical masks floating around the internet (including YouTube), there are no tracking devices of any kind inside these masks. The obvious reason is that it simply wouldn’t be cost-effective to do so. Masks cost about 10 cents to manufacture. Placing an incredibly expensive tracking device inside of a mask would increase overhead costs by an insane amount.