What's The Hardest Part of Launching A Mask Factory?

Running a surgical mask factory isn’t without its challenges. Many of the best made plans work out great on paper, but when it comes time to put them into action, unforeseen obstacles rear their hydra-like heads.

In the beginning, Armbrust started with only four employees. The week Armbrust unboxed its first machine, the company produced 20,000 masks. (Top of the line surgical mask machines are designed to make 20,000 an hour.) Luckily, only five weeks after acquiring its first machine, we shipped a truckload of palettes, each palette containing about 75,000 masks each.

A common struggle Armbrust and other mask manufacturers face is working with incredibly sophisticated robotics that occasionally will not work. We decided that we were going to win because we'll be the only manufacturer who doesn't give up.

Check out the full video for a more thorough explanation.