Where can I buy surgical masks in bulk?

Here’s a fun fact about Armbrust USA: I founded this website on a whim one hour of our launch date. When I started the company, my goal was to sell in bulk directly to hospitals and governments. I figured, why not sell directly to consumers, families, and small businesses?

In short, Armbrust USA is one of, if not the only game in town when it comes to buying bulk surgical masks directly from the manufacturer. What I’ve realized after the launch of the site is that bulk masks, in the past, simply weren’t available to families or small businesses. This left a big hole in the surgical mask market, swaths of consumers who had previously never been catered to.

And while buying masks in bulk makes sense for just about everyone, how many masks you purchase a month depends on your situation. I am a father of five, so I could easily go through about 400 masks a month. If you operate a small business, like a coffee shop or a jewelry store, and want to offer employees and customers ASTM Level 3 protection, 1,000 to 2,000 masks a month may be a more prudent amount to buy on a monthly basis.

Whatever the case, we have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Where to buy masks in bulk

There's only one company that sells direct to consumers that makes surgical masks and that’s Armbrust USA. When Lloyd Armbrust started the company he built the whole business model on the idea of selling bulk to governments and hospitals.

But really on a whim, on the on the day Armbrust USA launched Lloyd said “Well you know no one can get masks out there as an individual, and wouldn't it be neat if people could buy them on our website?” So he created a website literally an hour before launching. And what Lloyd has come to realize is that bulk is not available for families. It’s not available for small businesses.

These are people that have not been catered to for masks in the past and so Armbrust USA is kind of inventing the business model. If you're a family, and you have five kids, you might need 400 masks or something like that every month. A small business like a small coffee shop or a jewelry store, if they want to protect their customers and offer that, that could be you know a thousand or two thousand masks a month.

Armbrust USA still works with hospitals and governments and you know we're sending things out from this warehouse by the pallet every day so it really depends on your definition of bulk and how much you need to get to get you through the pandemic.