Are Masks On Amazon Safe?

At first glance, Armbrust USA masks look very similar to many of the masks found on Amazon. Unlike the countless offerings on Amazon, we are an FDA-registered surgical mask manufacturer, and sell FDA-listed masks.

But, are masks on Amazon as safe as Armbrust USA masks? The short answer is we don’t know. What we do know is that if a mask is sold on Amazon, it’s not a medical device, and likely not held to the same rigorous standards as ours. However, if you simply must take advantage of two-day shipping and buy masks on Amazon, there’s something you should always look out for.

If ASTM Level 3 isn’t found anywhere in the product description of masks on Amazon, give it a hard pass. But even so, why risk it? Make it easy on yourself and buy FDA-listed surgical masks made in the USA directly from us. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. - We recently started testing every Amazon mask for quality and filtration using the testing equipment in our lab if you're curious.

Are masks on Amazon safe? 

That is a complicated question. Armbrust USA is not on Amazon. At first, that was a decision Armbrust USA made when the company launched in 2020. After reconsidering its decision, Armbrust USA was denied. Why? Unlike all the masks on Amazon, Armbrust is actually selling a medical device. 

It may look like Armbrust’s surgical masks are roughly similar to everything else you see out there, but they are actually registered as surgical masks through the FDA. Because of that, all Armbrust USA masks are considered medical devices. 

Is there an actual difference between Armbrust USA medical device level masks and, maybe, some of the masks on Amazon? We don’t know. Because the FDA hasn’t gone through its process with those. 

Are there any codewords you can look for to see whether or not a mask is safe or not?

Before trying to get approved on Amazon, Lloyd Armbrust would buy everything through the website. It’s so easy, and orders will always be delivered on time.

If you are looking for masks that are going to be safe on Amazon, the keywords you should search for are “ASTM Level 3.” Level 3 is the highest level rating that this organization does. 

Of course, the best place online to buy masks, is Armbrust USA.