Are Surgical Masks Bad for Your Skin?

If you put on a mask and get an allergic reaction, please don’t blame the mask.

The reaction is likely due to some sort of particulate that the mask picked up in the manufacturing process. Most masks are made in factories much like ours. Our factory is clean, pleasant, but the floors...let’s just say I wouldn’t eat off of them.

What separates Armbrust masks from the rest of the pack is that we manufacture our masks in a clean room. FDA regulations don’t actually call for this. However, doing this ensures our masks are a step above the rest, offering as much cleanliness and protection as possible to our customers.

Are surgical masks bad for your skin?

Funny enough, surgical masks are actually made of plastic. And plastic is hypoallergenic, naturally. What that means is, if you put on a mask and you get a reaction from it, that’s not actually from the mask. That’s something that the mask picked up in the environment. Typically, the manufacturing environment it was made in.

Most masks are made in a place that looks like Armbrust USA. You know, it’s clean, it’s nice. But the floors…I wouldn’t want to eat off of them, necessarily. We make our masks in a clean room for this reason. You don’t actually have to make a mask in a clean room, by law. But we do it because we want to give that extra level of cleanliness and protection. 

All of the major mask manufacturers in the United States, do not make their masks in clean rooms. I think we’re the only one.