ZIYE Rose colored Disposable Mask by Hangzhou Commerce Co

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Video Transcript Welcome back. If you're joining us on this journey, you know that we are testing every single mask on Amazon. And for our next review, we are looking at this unbranded, weirdly packaged, guys, I hate when I order something on Amazon and it looks all nicely prepared, and then it shows up in a weird bag like that, just doesn't feel great, but maybe these are great masks, we're going to find out for you, let's test them.

Got it? This is a PFE machine. If you want to learn more about how this machine works, I'm going to put a link below in the description, but basically we're going to try to figure out how many particulates this will stop if you're wearing this mask. Again, I don't love the way this packaging looks, it doesn't make me feel like it's sanitary, you know, I got to put this on my face and all. So, they're wanting you to wear the mask backwards. The way a mask is supposed to be worn is with the ear loop welds on the outside. The reason for that is that's what gives you a better seal, okay? This is designed backwards because, well, they're suggesting it looks better, I guess, but yeah, it's a very weird look. Very strong though. Oh, spoke too soon. Let's try again. Yours was good?

Mine, yeah.

I think it's pretty good. Yeah, that's good. That's a good mask. That was a fluke. I've seen a lot of masks, even today, and I have never seen a mask that is this weird. So the smell is not too bad, the airflow resist since is about 119, which is kind of higher, but our masks typically are around that edge. You want it to be below 150, that's the goal. If it's below 150, that means it's going to be very breathable, you can wear it for many, many hours on time. So, the reason the breathability on this is low is either, A, it has really high filtration, which, based on the packaging, I doubt, though the machine will tell us, or it's because this is a very thick outer layer and it's just harder to breathe. Smell's not terrible.

No, it's not that bad.

No, this is probably in the top 10% of best smelling masks. And while this packaging is very weird, it does look like it would protect against smell. So, I mean, the seal on that sucker is really good. Not the best look, but again, not a terrible mask. So, question is, what is it going to do? Now again, the goal for this machine is to find a mask that has a particulate filtration of 95%. That's the basement in the United States. We want to see something at 95% or higher. So the question is, what do you think the dusty rose mask in the random bag on Amazon comes in at?

It doesn't claim anything, but I'll go ahead and give it like a 90.

You're going to give it a 90? It came in at 88.98%, 88.98%. Yeah. So a little bit below 90. If all you're looking is for some lingerie-looking thing to wear on your face, this may be your answer, but if you want something to hit the minimum standards of 95 or above, this isn't going to be it. If this has been any help at all, this one was a little weird.


I didn't like this, I didn't like the way this one made me feel. So, I don't know that I would like this video, but I'm asking you to, because I hold myself to different standards than I hold you to, and that's just how I get down. Thanks very much. I'll see you in the next test. Thank you.

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