Caleegi 4 ply Disposable Medical Face Mask

Caleegi 4 ply Disposable Medical Face Mask

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Video Transcript Thank you for joining us on our quest to test every single mask on Amazon. We got most of them, and today we are looking at the CALEEGI disposable medical mask. Oh, medical, that sounds official. Well in the United States, medical doesn't mean anything, but in China it does. And these are made in China, so it actually does mean something because it wouldn't have gotten out of the country unless it got tested.

So, these are claiming a BFE of 95% and a Type 1 mask, which is a European standard. The standard in the U.S. is called ASTM Level 1, because we like levels in the United States. We like games and levels. We don't like types. Come on. All right, let's test this mother trucker. See what it gets. It's claiming to be a medical mask, but what does it say on the listing?

95 on the listing.

95 on the listing. 95 on the box. All right, CALEEGI, let's see what you got. The first thing I'm going to get really angry about here is I'm going to talk about four layer masks. That's some BS. There's no reason to have a four layer mask. None. Not a scientific one, anyways. Oh, those medical masks are breaking on you. I'm going to, first of all, we cut up some masks that claimed to have four layers and they didn't, so that's kind of funny. [Rossy 00:01:20] is going crazy back there. Yeah, and we've seen this type before, so basically, this is purely for the way it looks, aesthetic. Thank you. That was the word I was looking for. So, we've got a layer of spunbond here. Some people are like, oh, three layer masks are good. Maybe four layer would be better. This isn't a seven minute abs situation, okay?

Two layers of spunbond, purely for aesthetic. One layer of internal spunbond that goes against your face and then one layer of [inaudible 00:01:54].
All right. What'd you think? You tried it on... Oh, it broke?

Yeah, [inaudible 00:02:00].

Okay, so one broke. It seems really strong though. That may have been a fluke. I'll try putting this on. Oh, yeah, that smells...

It has a smell.

That has a better than middle smell, like a five or six. It smells like burning plastic. We want it to be at least 95% in the United States. We have a Level 1 mask, is at 95%. They're calling there's a Type 1 mask. If you see Type 1 or Type 2, that's a European standard, so they're not talking about an American standard there. But it's the same thing. It's 95%, so they're claiming here and on the listing and on the box that they have a 95%, what do you think they actually do?

It's probably 95%.

95%. All right. It's actually 97.1%. 97.127%, which is pretty surprising to me, especially with that. The breathability that this thing had was very, very good. That's a great mask. I don't like the smell of this mask. I don't like the fact that it says anti-dust with the dust just pinging off of it. That's just weird. I don't know what that means. If you could do one thing, just give me a like, or maybe a subscribe. Or if you're feeling adventurous, what I would really love is to see a mask from you. I'm going to put my address in the listing below. Send me one of your masks. Send me a weird mask that you've seen, and I'd love to test on a machine and give you a shout out. If you can't send us a mask, but you see a weird mask on Amazon. Put a link in there. If you see a weird mask on Home Depot's website, put a link in there. If I can buy it online, I'll try to convince Rossy to buy it and then we'll test it here. Okay?

Thank you guys very much. Probably, the most awkward wrap up, I think, that I've done so far. Would you agree? Yeah? Okay. But you know, maybe we'll see you next time or maybe this is the last time you ever want to see me again? Fair. Fair.

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