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Video Transcript Hey everyone. Thanks for joining me today, where we are testing yet again, every single mask on Amazon. And if you are joining me on this journey, you just might be crazier than me for doing it. Today we're testing the Wecolor. Hey, it is a brand. I'm going to give them that. Very weird logo, especially with the top cutoff like that, but they're 100 packs disposable face masks.

So I'm not totally in love with this type of packaging because it doesn't actually seal. These little guys don't actually seal very well. We're going to look and see if there's any claims on here. "This bag is not a toy." Keep in mind. "This product is not allowed to be used in the case of character change." If you are playing a part in a movie and they change the character on you, you cannot use this mask. Open this up. Very weird marketing.

Okay. So I like that they're sealed on the inside, because like I said, the bag itself isn't actually doing a lot of sealing and it looks like they are actually sealed dope. Oh, it's got holes in it though. You can see. These are very, very plush. If they just had a really nice box with a brand that was a little bit better, these would be really, really nice looking. You can tell that they're doing, you can see the melt blown there, which is good. When they push in like this, this packaging's nice, because it can be really small. But the problem with it is you know that it's been packed by human hands. A machine can't do this. There's no robot that can do it yet. Yet. So they're putting the ear loop on the back side of that. And I'm just going to, I always do this.

So bear with me, but it's designed to be worn like this because you can see that the ear loop is pulling correctly there. Whereas if I do it on the other side, it doesn't pull as well. So I don't like that. Whoa. There is no nose wire in here. Whoa, what the heck? It could be that it's just so thick it's hard to feel the nose wire, but it's just the smallest. I have never seen a nose wire this small. [Hi there. 00:02:16] Wow. That is so small. That is the smallest nose wire I've ever seen. So why is nose wire important? Nose wire, again in a correct construction of a mask, it's going to be the thing that provides a seal at the top of your face. I tried to do this before, but see if it will work. You can see that because the nose wire isn't very strong you can see how it keeps... You see that?

You want a good seal at the top and you're not getting it there. I'm going to put the construction at two stars. It's not very good. Wow. Aw, man. I swear. It's like they give you the two and then the third one. Okay. No, that's good. That was out of character. I'm going to try another one. These are really, that's, well, okay. So it's every other one. It's still pretty strong. There's no way any of these are, I mean, look, you couldn't pick up a buffalo with these or anything, but they're not going to come off on your, they're not going to break on your face. So, that's pretty good.

Let's try the smell out. Whew. I'm going to call, that's weird. The way that it's pulling. See what I'm talking about? See how it has that weird look there? That's very weird. I'm going to call this smell, "serial killer is trying to murder me by trapping me in a closet and pouring gasoline on the floor." It's pretty strong. I'm going to put the smell at, I'm going to put at four. At two stars because there are worse smells. All right. But does any of this matter if it doesn't protect you. Let's test this mofo.

Everyone's favorite part. We see if, ah, didn't get caught. Nice try. Go ahead and test this. All right. This is a Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If you've watched these before, you know what that is, but I'm going to put a link below to explain more. This first one here is testing the airflow resistance. This is extremely high. This is, today, the second mask that I've seen this high. 170 is actually pretty insane. I would not recommend that. So we're going to let the test go because I love drama. I don't want to tell you exactly what it's going to be right away. Otherwise, I know you, you just click away and that's not what I want. I want you here forever. Let's see if they're making any claims. "Considerate design. Embedded nose clip can help fit the nose bridge, reducing the fogging on the eyeglasses."

Wow. That is straight up, that is perjury right there. That's horrible. No, this is one of the worst. I would say this is in the top 10% worst nose wires that I've ever seen. And I'm going to give an alternate thing, that if you have glasses, this is a fogging guarantee. I guarantee you, this will fog your glasses. So do not listen to that. We're not making any claims. "Premium material." It is actually really nice material. It's very thick. One of the things that if you look at, just real quick, are, this is our black mask. You can see the white layer. That's the melt blown below it. Our mask is a lot lighter because of that. They're using a really thick outer layer. It's probably about maybe 70, 80 GSM. That's why we're getting about 170 pascals, which is way above.

You don't want to go above 150 pascals for breathability. This is going to be very hard to breathe through if you're trying to use it. Not making any claims. That's great. So is it going to protect you? 96.96%. 96.96%. That's pretty good. In the United States, we have ASTM Level One, which is above 95%. That's the minimum standard in the United States. We're meeting that here, so that's great. If you're looking for one of the best masks, I would look for an ASTM Level Two or an ASTM Level Three mask. That's going to be 98% filtration, but we're just really splitting hairs. We're at 97% here, almost. I'm going to round up for them. That's really good. If it wasn't for, honestly, the fact that they were building the mask incorrectly and putting such a lame nose wire in, honestly, I think it's a pretty good mask.

I mean, from a filtration standpoint, it's pretty good. The breathability, not good though. And for the price, there's so many masks that you can get for the same price that will be way more breathable, that will be same or better filtration and I would just go with one of those. So I wouldn't recommend this. I'm probably going to give this an overall value of three stars. All right. Thanks again for watching. If this was helpful at all, if you've found it humorous, or if you didn't and if you hate me, if you want me to go away. I'll tell you what, if you want me to go away, give me a like, or subscribe because that's how it works. Thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you at the next test.

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