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Video Transcript So this is the first mask of the day. This is the Standard EarLoop Face Mask, which is a great brand name. I mean, they were really reaching with that one. They really wanted to stand out with the Standard EarLoop Face Mask.

Let's go ahead and put this front and put it down. Here we go. All right and we'll hit start button. Now, I think what Standard EarLoop was going for is probably their price point, because this is very cheap. It's $10.99 for a 50 pack. I'm just going to look at the box first. Lightweight, comfortable to wear. We'll see about that. Disposable, hypoallergenic face mask with three layers. Water repellent, Which fun fact, the FDA doesn't want you to say that unless you are a registered face mask, which this is not.

Let's check out the packaging. So this is really cool because they've got five different colors in here, so we're going to try out... We're testing the pink. I don't think that necessarily matters, the color. It shouldn't anyways. So one of the things, it's a pretty good construction. Your loop broke. All right. Let's try another one. It seems like a good construction. Okay, your loop broke. It is the thing that I don't like about a lot of the Chinese masks. I'm going to try two at once and see if it breaks. They both broke.

All right. Well, assuming that I can get one that doesn't break when I actually put it on my face, let's try this thing on here. So the first thing I'm noticing is that there's kind of a smell to it like a chemical smell and I don't know why a lot of the Chinese masks have this but I think the reason why is because they have to come on a boat and it could be like whatever they were packed with, whatever they were in the container with. So it's the first thing I'm getting is a smell. The fit is pretty good on this and again, we're not going to be talking about fit today. This is just filtration. It's a pretty good construction other than the fact that the earloops break, a lot.

So other than that, what does the test say? Okay, the test just came in and we are at 95.3%. Pretty good. That's pretty good and I'm trying to see if they're making any claims. They're not making any claims, so I would say this is pretty okay. I mean personally, I would want to have the best filtration possible. But you know, aside from the ear loops breaking, I would say that the Standard EarLoop Face Mask is the good bargain at $11.

What do you think? They're going to put us out of business or what?

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