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Hey, everyone. Welcome back, where we were testing every single mask on Amazon. Today, we are testing once again, the great brand WeCare. WeCare. I care, you care, we all care. I got nothing. Let's put it in the tester and see what's happening. Clamp cam, let's do this. This is a green mask, that's neato. You don't see a green mask every day. Geez, my clamp is like... Something's up with my clamper. I got to check a look at that. Let her rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about how this works, check out that link. All right, WeCare is a great brand that we found on Amazon. It is Chinese, but I found it to be... We've tested a bunch of other masks, I'll put some of their links below. They've got tie dye, they got kids, they got all sorts of stuff.

They're not really making any claims on here that I can see. Look at all these fricking colors. Jewel tones, I don't know what that means. Crazy tie dye, assorted snake skin. I used to dance under that name. Let's look at the box. Not their best box. This looks like one of their early designs, but look at this, it's sealed on the outside. That's so cool. Let's rip that open. Green masks is a weird flex, and remember, we just bought every mask on Amazon, so that meant apparently buying 26 WeCare masks. So, not a soft touch I feel there. Oh my gosh, these are individually packed. That's so cool. Makes it really hard for me to test the ear loops, though. I'm going to open two at a time. Look at that. That is so nice. Oh my gosh, this is a great mask.

It's great mask. All right. Oh, that nose wear feels... It's so soft. So, they're making this like extra double thick on the outside. And again, remember the colors on the outside, the whites on the inside. And then, they even did the right thing where they put the right construction. These are flat ear loops, which is kind of interesting. Oh man, that sucks. Okay. Okay. That one broke. Here's the thing, though, WeCare, I've got to open individually every time. What's so great about this, is if you're out and about, and for some reason you put it in your travel bag or something, when you're going to the airport, you make sure you have it. Okay, these ear loops suck. I think it's a bad batch because I think... Dude, that's awful. I'm giving them a zero on the ear loops. Wow. That's the worst, man. All right, put it on. Whoa. It's very light feeling. Oh man.

Okay. It's kind of like a plasticy papery smell. I'm going to call this a paper mache volcano, minus the vinegar. All right. But, does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you? WeCare, coming at you. 97.861 97.861. Great job, guys. Always love WeCare. Good product. Ear loops on this one didn't match. I would not buy the green ones if I were you. Also, why would you buy the green ones? Super weird. I know, geniuses choose green. Clearly we know what happened here. All right, guys, thank you for watching. If this was helpful, if you decided to buy these masks anyways, because you were like, "You know what, Lloyd? I am only looking for masks for the ear loops breaks. Thank you." I would like a like in exchange. That's the currency of the internet, of the YouTube, is likes. Okay. That's what requires for my next video. Oh, and speaking of which, I will catch you on the next test. Thank you.

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