ZyeZoo Black 4-Layer Medical Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back, where we are testing every single mask on Amazon. I know that you are as excited as me because else, why would you be here? Today we are testing the ZyeZoo medical face mask. Medical, that's a special word.

Let's get this thing clamped up and then we will talk about why that is special. This looks like a black mask. Let's get that mother trucker in there. I almost had it the first try. Got it. And now, let's look at the machine. Let her rip, here we go. This is a PFE machine. If you want to find out more about that, I'll put a link right below so you can see how it works. But we're basically shooting hundreds of thousands of tiny particles in, and we will see how good of a mask this is. This is going to change a whole lot in here.

So don't pay attention to it right now. Plus that's the drama of why we're doing this. ZyeZoo medical face mask. It says medical on the box and it comes from China, which, I guess this does. It looks like it comes from China. Then it means that it is in a new classification because China really cares if you say medical.

So that means it's got standards on it. And sure enough, on the box it says B F E bacteria filtration 95%. It also says four layer, which, if you've seen any of these videos, you know is just marketing. That means absolutely nothing. So let's open this up. Odorless, safe, spelled with an O or Sofe. I think it's meant to be safe. ZyeZoo, not a soft touch box, but you know what, ZyeZoo, I'm liking the brand. You were going for a brand here. It's a black mask. This is from China, you can tell by the quality certificate that is included. Nice packaging. It's sealed. I like that. It's not super thick. I think some stuff could get through that, but pretty good. Let's open this up.

So I think the reason they did the four layer on this is so that it would be blacker. If you look at one of our black masks here, you can actually see. And I was actually just using this, so forgive me. But you can see that our masks, there's a very thin outer layer. We want it to be as breathable as possible. So you're actually seeing the white melt blown behind it. It looks like a sheen. Some people don't like that. Some people think that it looks weird and some people have returned their masks to us for that. So, you're not totally wrong to add that fourth layer on here. Let's check out the ear loops. Oh, dang it. What does it happen every time? Every time I'm excited I'm like, "Oh yeah, this is never breaking."

I have to talk negatively to the mask. Like, "I don't think you can hold. You're not going to, there's no way that you're going to see." No, it's not breaking. Masks don't like positive reinforcement, that's what I'm learning today. Look, this mask has got a pretty good construction. I'm going to give this at 10 out of 10 on the ear loop. That's strong. That's never going to break. It's not made to pick up a car or something, or some angry guy in a lab coat, no one can stand up to that. Let's try this thing on. See what it smells like, see what the fit's like. Very black, slick, I could be a ninja in this mask.

It's a very slight smell. It's a very slight smell. It's not bad. If I were to score this on a one to 25 scale, I would say this is a 20. I could smell it a little bit, but there are definitely worse masks. Great fit here on the top, you can see, giving me a great seal. Looks like it's $17.99 right now. I'm not sure what I paid for it. That's a great price. 50 piece. The box is the same as the box that shows up. I love that, but does it protect you? That's all that matters. What does this a hundred thousand dollars machine say? Boom, 97.2.

That's pretty freaking good for less than a hundred breathability. Over 95% in the United States, the lowest standards, ASTM level ones, 95% or above. ASTM level two 98%. ASTM level three 98%. This is just below that, but dang for 17 bucks, this is a great mask. I like this mask. Made in China, made a great mask today. If this was helpful, if you're going to buy this mask now, because you saw this thing and you were like, "Dang, that guy, super weird, but I know the mask is good now, so I'm going to buy it." Then give me a like or subscribe or not. I mean, you could always steal my car, puncture my tires. It's an option, between the two, like, subscribe, steal my car. You decide though it's up to you. Thanks for watching. And I will see you on the next test.


The ZyeZoo disposable mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 97.21%This 4-ply black surgical mask has ear loops instead of head straps or ties.

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 98.82.

This mask has a slight odor. The overall construction is very good, the fit is great and the ear loops are very strong. 

We found this mask on Amazon. Its country of origin is China. Check out our video review for more details.

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