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video transcript All right, guys. Thanks for watching. Today, we are reviewing every single mask on Amazon, and we're testing it for filtration. This is a PFE machine, which is a very technical device. If you want to learn more about how this guy works check out the link below this video.

Today we are testing a disposable protective mask. The very brand focused disposable protective mask. It's actually a pretty attractive looking box and a lot of times on Amazon they'll have weird brands and when something shows up it's different, not these guys. "Disposable face mask, face masks of 50 pack disposable mask (blue)." [Rossio 00:00:46], can you grab that end for me? So, we're going to go ahead and stick this guy in right here.

Let's go ahead and get this guy started. Then, we'll take a look at the mask box. I'm going to open this up. This is definitely a manually packed mask. What I don't like about this type of packaging is that it's just open. So, it's not sealed. I like to seal my mask so when you're getting it, you know it's never been opened. I don't personally like that. It's a pretty standard blue mask. I like to test... Yeah, see, this happens a lot. I found with all masks, Chinese made, American made masks. The ear loops break. I find that they're either really good at the ear loop or not. We actually have an ear loop guarantee because, look, it happens to some of the masks. I mean, this is really terrible. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, like it might hold up. I'm going to put this guy on.

It does have a tiny little bit of a chemical smell to it. Which again, a lot of these things, if you watch any of these videos, I'm going to be a broken record here. These are put on boats for the most part. Then, it depends, maybe it's next to a smokestack or something like that. You do get a chemical smell. So, buying something made in the United States typically is not going to be put on a boat or if it is that would be weird. It's a pretty good fit. Again, the ear loops construction, not great. It's a generic mask. It's got good sonic welding. So, it's pretty decent.

Wow, I'm blown away, 98% efficiency, 98.064 efficiency. That's insane for a mask that costs $9.99, just to get a 98% efficiency. This is the same thing that our mask tests at. That's amazing. This is a really good mask. Again, I don't like the packaging. I don't like that it's a little bit unsanitary. I don't like that.... Oh, that one's good. I got one. So, some of them are good. But for 98%, for $10, that's a great deal. That's a great deal. All right. Thank you guys for watching. If this has been helpful at all, please like and subscribe so that maybe we can do some advertising and afford to do this. How much did we spend on this?

A lot.

A lot. All right. Thank you guys so much.


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