MIPLINI 3-ply Medical Disposable Face Mask

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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Thank you for joining us yet again, where we are testing every single mask on Amazon, which appears quite a lot. Today, we are testing everyone's favorite mask. I'm sure you've seen it everywhere you go. The MIPLNI. They put these consonants together. I need more vowels. Give me some more vowels guys.

Come on. I know you guys love this part. The clamp we did the clamp camera just for you. So you can see me clamp my finger. All right. So move over to the testing screen and start the test. This is a particular filtration efficiency machine. Like I said before, they're claiming that they're a Type II mask, which means that this number needs to hit 98% or higher. Pretty big claims. Airflow resistance of, wow, 74. That's really, really great. In the interest of drama, I'm not going to show it to you as it's going.

So bought this on Amazon for 19.99, which to be honest, it's kind of a lot for not giving me a soft touch box. Come on, guys, I need my soft touch. So don't love the packaging. This is by the way, when you see this type of packaging, like this, a machine can't do that. So that has been human packed, just so you know, and let's look at the quality here. That's pretty good. I had to give it a good pull, to be honest. I'd like it be a little bit better than that. I'm going to pull a bunch of these out here. Okay. That's good. That's good. I'm going to try another one, but that first one came off too easy. I'm like, I'm really pulling on that. If you put four or five of these together, you could pull like a Volkswagen Beetle off a cliff, I think, most likely. Yeah. Which would be a weird flex. Let's try it on.

Oh my gosh. The ear loops are so big. What the heck is going on? These are like the largest ear loops I've ever seen. I mean, I have a pretty big face. Okay. I'm going to call this smell an unkempt flower garden, like one of those old sheds in England, like you'd go to, that they got in the back of some rich duke that you've never heard of. Their house in the back, they've got a shed where it's clear and they've got like their flowers and stuff in there. But no one's been in there a while. It's like a little musty, but it's still flowers. So it's kind of earthy. It's like kind of an earthy smell. All right. Yeah. Not the best smell. Probably give that three stars. I've definitely seen way worse.

All right. So we got the listing up here. 1700 ratings. That's great. Three ply medical grade face masks. That means that's an extra level up. Like if it says medical on a Chinese made mask, you know that they've gone through an extra level of scrutiny in China and it's probably a pretty good mask. High grade medical quality mask. You cannot just say that in China. There's features. Very breathable. Agree, very breathable. That is true. Free from any foreign smells. Way off. For a tighter fit. They definitely updated their listing here because they knew that their ear loops are so big. Twist ear loops in front of the ear, or tie a knot in the ear loops to shorten. Like, yeah, of course you can do that. But you know what's better? Just one that fits you.

But does it protect you? Remember they are claiming a Type II mask and a Type II mask has to be 98% or better. So are they doing it? Let's find out. No, 94.983, 94.983. Sorry guys. This is not a Type II mask. This is a lie. So I'm going to give the protection two stars because you're lying. It's actually decent protection. It is still below standards in the United States. The lowest standard is 95%. But since you're lying about it, like that's not cool. You know, you're putting on the box 98% BFE. That's not cool. I mean 98% BFE. That's not cool to lie about that. Come on guys. Yeah. It doesn't make me feel good. I don't like when they do that. Now one caveat, typically if we were to test these in a lab, we would test probably at least five of these. Maybe 20, maybe more. So you could argue we're being unfair, but they're saying 98%. That's a lot, if it was 97%, I'd give it to them because humidity and a lot of things could affect that, but 94.9%, they didn't even meet a Type I mask. So yeah. I'm going to give this an overall, especially since they're charging 20 bucks and they went so ham on the listing saying, "Medical masks are way better than civilian masks", whatever that is. I'm going to give them two stars overall. That's not cool.

All right. If you enjoyed this at all, if it was entertaining, or if you were going to buy the MIPLNI or however you say it, the Saracen Things mask and you didn't, because you realized that they were lying to you, or you bought it anyways because you hate my advice and you think that I'm lying. So whatever I say, you're going to do the opposite of. You could still like and subscribe because I helped you even if you don't agree with it. See I helped you. See how the exchange works. I'm just kidding. You just watch it. That's not how any of that works. All right. Thanks for watching. And I'll catch you on the next test.

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