Caleegi Black 4-Layer Hospital Safety Face Masks

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Video Transcript All right. Thanks again for joining me today where we are testing yet again, every single mask on Amazon. Yes, there's a lot. Amazon's a way bigger company than I thought.

Today we are testing the Caleegi. Caleegi black disposable medical mask, four layers. It looks like we actually tested one of these before. The breathability that this thing had was very, very good. That's a great mask. So it will be interesting to see if the results are similar.

Let's jump into it and take a look at this box. All right. So box, not a soft touch box. I know, everyone at home is so disappointed. They're making claims folks. We got claims. Type 1 BFE 95%. So they're either talking about Type 1, ASTM Type 1 or the European standard. Well, actually ASTM is called level one. So they're talking about the European standard Type 1. Same stats though for Type 1. 95% filtration, 95% particulate filtration, and bacterial filtration and that is tested at 0.1 microns, which is what this machine does.

So let's open it up and take a look. So when I open it up, got the nice inside box. So it's completely sealed here. I like that. That makes me feel good and warm inside that no one's been getting in my masks and touching them with their fingers. So I'm going to open this up and this is great. This is a good sign with a black mask when you can see at the top, you can see the melt blown. This is packed by hand. I can tell just by looking at it. And I think it does have the white melt blown on the inside. Now I'm not a big fan of that. Typically hey, if you're going to do a black mask, let's go all the way. Black on black. You know what I'm saying?

So not the best and they're using a really thick, outer layer, I can tell here. So that's probably going to... Or actually, I think it said it was four layer. Let's cut it open. A lot of times they market four layer and they do here as well. They pretend like there's some sort of extra benefit. It's like, oh, you think three layers is awesome? Check out our mask. We got four layers up in here. It doesn't do anything except make it harder to breathe. So what we got here is we got a layer of black spunbond, a layer of black spunbond, a layer of melt blown, and a layer of white spunbond. The spunbond is blocking moisture or water, right? Hydrophillic, so it's stopping that from getting through. So you don't need two layers of it. You just need one good layer.

So it's one, a waste and two, lame that they're doing it. I can tell this nose wire's really good. This is a double nose wire. That's awesome. I've actually never seen that outside of our mask. We had to specifically design our double nose wire and it's almost exactly like this. That's a really good design. So A plus for that guys.

Let's try this thing. Ooh, ooh that's strong. Oh no, no, no. Don't you hate that? I get excited. I'm like, oh, it's not breaking. It's not breaking. And then it breaks. Oh, it's very embarrassing. It's like, does this guy even know what he's doing? I mean, he's wearing a lab coat, but does he know what he's doing? Look, anybody can buy a lab coat. There's actually no rules. So yeah. That's bad. That's pretty bad. All right.

Ooh, I forgot. What about the smell? Everyone's favorite part. What does this feel like when it's on? Wow, great ear loop. Pretty good fit with that nice nose wire. Ooh, I'm going to label this smell on a road trip and I spent too much time in the car. It just is kind of musty and there's some smells and it's like, did Timmy bath? Timmy hasn't bathed in a while, has he? I don't like that. Still, it's not the worst I've seen on Amazon. So I'm going to give it three stars on the smell.

All right. Everyone loves this part because this is the part where I see if I can catch my finger. Got it a little bit there. Let's let her rip. I missed it that first time. So the machine's warming up, clearing stuff from the previous test and I'm just looking at the airflow resistance. You want this to be under 150. Our masks are typically about 130, which is actually pretty high, but anything over 150, you're not going to be able to breathe in a while. 104.9, 105, that's really, really good. I don't mind that.

And we're going to jump right over into the actual listing itself. So this one is the brand Caleegi, which is the same thing that's on the box. It's the same thing that's showing on the screen. So they made the claim it's a Type 1 mask, but does it hold up? Find out. Oh way off. 90.5. That is not 95, 90.5. So a Type 1 mask, the EU standard is 95%. It's very similar to the ASTM level 1, or ASTM level 2, or ASTM level 3 standard, which is 95% bacterial filtration and particulate filtration.

Literally this machine that you see here is designed and this entire lab is designed to test to that standard and they have failed that standard. So I got to call them out. That's some BS. They are straight up lying to you. These mouth covers are not Type 1 mouth covers. Let me see. 16.38 is the price on this. That's not a great price. So I'm going to put the value, especially since they're lying about being Type 1, at two stars.

All right. I hope this was helpful or maybe entertaining. If you want to talk more about mouth covers, check out our other videos. We're reviewing every single mask on Amazon. So please do stick with us and hey, if you like it, give me a like. That's what it's for. If you like it, you like. If you like it, you like. Help us out. All right. We'll see you at the next test. Thank you.


The Caleegi disposable mask passed our particulate filtration efficiency machine test with a score of 97.12%This 4-ply black surgical mask has ear loops instead of head straps or ties.

Mask breathability is determined by airflow resistance, which we measure in pascals. The target for adults should be around 150, and the target for children should be close to 100. The airflow resistance of this mask is 88.

This mask has a musty odor. We were, however, impressed by the ear loops and the double nose wire. The breathability could be better for this kind of mask, but that's due to the thickness of the material. 

We found this mask on Amazon. Its country of origin is China. Check out our video review for more details.

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