Wapike Black Protective Disposable Face Mask

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Why did this mask fail?


Video Transcript All right, guys. Thanks for watching. We are testing every single mask that's available on Amazon for you guys. I was personally just really curious about it. So, thanks for joining today.

We are testing the black disposable, I'm not sure what they we're going with the disposable on that. You may have seen one that looks very similar to this. This is actually a different mask according to Amazon. This one's called Disposable Face Masks, Face Masks of 50 Pack Disposable Masks. It's from a brand called Wapike, W-A-P-I-K-E. Why don't these guys just come up with good brand names? I don't know. It's for $13.99 on Amazon.

This showed up and we've already tested ones exactly like it. Actually, these ear loops are really nice. They said on here, what did they say? "Unique elastic material." I mean, it's all kind of elastic, but they're really soft. That had a different brand name. So, I might know what it's going to happen with this one. And you might too, if you've actually seen our other stuff.

So, let's get this going here, [Ros-si 00:01:07] I'm going to get you to help me out. Do this and... Okay. And let's go ahead and start. See what it says. So, what I noticed about this mask before was that the construction was really good. I don't like the packaging. The packaging is see through. The packaging is very thin. And it's got holes in it, which means if it's on a boat, it's going to get all those fumes from those big diesel engines. And if it's packed with like maybe some old fruit or something. It might have a weird smell to it. I did really like these ear loops last time. So strong. That's insane. That is insane.

I'm going to try this on to see if I can get... By the way, when you're trying out a black on black mask, the thing to note is to make sure that the weld is on the outside. Want you want for fit is you want it to pull against your face. This has got a really bad smell. This smells like I'm breathing diesel. It smells like I'm breathing... Actually here, try this on and tell me I'm wrong. This smells like I'm at a gas station, and I just spilled all this gas on my boots. We're in Texas. It's fine, I can wear boots.

Okay so, we know it's really breathable. I let that go before. But what is the filtration? What do you think this is?



Oh wow.

It's 10% better. It's 10% better and the breathability is the same. So, that gets me worried even more because if on the box it says 95% filtration and this one tests at 80%, and this one tests at 90.5 ASTM, which is the American Standard for Testing in the United States, they want your masks to be a minimum of 95%, which is what is on the box here. This is not hitting that. So, again, $13.99 delivered to your house, that is a great deal. But I question production standards, if there's that big a difference. I hope this helps.

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That's right.

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That's right.

All right. Thanks very much.

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