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Video Transcript All right, everybody. Thank you for joining. Today, we are testing every single mask on Amazon, which again, I think I bit off a little bit more than I could chew. But for this video, we're looking at the Bio-th, Bio-th disposable face mask. This is a giant 100 mask box. I've never seen a box like this for disposable face masks, but excited to see what happens.

It has three layers of filtering, which is a lie, because two layers do not filter. That I do know. We make these masks. But let's see what Bio-th has in store for us. You ready for this?


All right, I'm going to... This way.

Okay. Three layers of filtering. So let's talk about that. Multi-layer filtering. Spray layer filtration. What does that even mean? Is that supposed to be like milk blown? The marketing weird terms that these guys use, I just don't know. So this is a Chinese-made mask, where most masks are made, and it looks like they're individually packaged. I kind of like that. These packs of 10 are great. You can put them in your purse. We've talked about before. Fanny pack, whatever you want to call it. So let's go take a look at the structure of these. Here you go.
So the airflow resistance is 151, which is right above where you want it to be. You really want it to be below 150. I wouldn't really recommend wearing this mask for longer than a couple of hours. This is not an 8-hour mask. In our job obviously we have to wear masks for 8, 12, 14 hours. I wouldn't want to wear this for that long.

This is pretty good. I could tell it's going to break if I go a little bit more, which it did. But that's pretty good. And this is a very affordable mask. This is a 100 masks for $15.98. It's a really great price. And to have the ear loops being pretty good like that. What's interesting is like I said, they said, the three layers of filtering. There are three layers to a typical mask. The first layer is to protect you from water droplets. If you think about it, the outer layers protect you from the world, the inner layer is to protect the world from you. But again, it's just stopping water from going in and out. The center layers, the melpomene layer, that's what's actually doing the filtration.
So we're going to do a test here.

This has a little bit of a smell, but it's not a terrible smell. It's more in that new iPhone category of smells. I could tell it's not as breathable as a normal mask, but again, if you were just going to use this to go in a grocery store, this is probably a pretty good mask. If you're just going to have one, to have them in your car, they come in packs 10, so you can give them to people, stuff like that. If you were just running in a place, this is not a terrible mask. I would not wear this for more than a couple hours because of the breathability. But the smell isn't terrible. And I like the individual packages. All right. But does it filter? That's the big question.

So in the United States, the minimum standard for filtration is 95%. That's what this machine is made to test. And if you want to find out more about this machine, by the way, I'm going to put a link below this video so you can learn more about it. But we're not going to get into details here. So the question is really hard to breathe through, very cheap mask, what do you think the efficiency is going to be?






95.774. That's pretty good. That's hitting the minimum standards in the United States. Again, that would be close to an ASTM level 1 mask. Personally, if I was going to look for a mask on Amazon, I would look for an ASTM level 2 or an ASTM level 3 mask. That's what I'd be looking for. ASTM level 3 is going to be the highest level protection. So again, that's what I would go with. But I mean, if you were on a budget, this is very close to that other budget mask that we found. And I would put it in the same category, except the breathability is not very good.

Thanks for watching guys. I hope you found this useful. If you decide to buy these masks or not buy these masks because of this video, I would ask one thing for you, for you to send me $1 million in unmarked non-consecutive bills. Leave it by the subway on Burnett. Okay, that's it. That's all I want. No, I'm kidding. Instead of a million dollars, just give me a like, or a subscribe, or both. That would be super helpful. And I would appreciate it. Thanks very much. And I will catch you at the next test.

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