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Video Transcript All right, beautiful people, thank you again for joining us as we are testing every single mask on Amazon. If you've watched every one of these videos, I feel sad for you. Today, we're testing the Five Colors Disposable protective masks.

This is a nice box! I have opinions on boxes now, I learned. But the brand name is Five Colors? That's really weird. On the Amazon app, we're seeing that it's BINGFONE (B-I-N-G-F-O-N-E), which we've tested before, but that was, is a random non-BINGFONE mask. These guys are clearly just selling stuff that they're not making. Let's go ahead and test this thing. See what happens.

They're different colors. So the brand name Five Colors is not disappointing because it comes with five colors! I know, crazy. They did not bury the lead with the name of the company, that's for sure. Okay, so in the picture it says 98% BFE and 98% PFE. Now, that's an important number because the American standard, which this machine is made to test, tests at 98% for the top level. ASTM level three is a 98% filtration. The lower level, level one mask, is a 95% PFE. They're not claiming that they're ASTM level three, but they are claiming 98%. They're not saying it anywhere on the box though, that I'm seeing. Oh, no, they are claiming 95% bacterial filtration.

We haven't even looked at these damn masks yet. Well, they came at five colors, like we were saying. I don't love the packaging, cause it's easy to open, which means that it's easy for contaminants to get in. But most importantly, you're wearing this on your face: smell. That's one of the biggest things we've been talking about here. We're going to test the ear loops. These ear loops are great! And I think this was the company that was making the black masks before, and they had great ear loops too.
What do you think when you put it on?

It's kind of loose.

It's a little loose. The loops are not as comfortable. Oh, and it's almost itchy. I don't like the fabric quality. I may be reacting cause the WeCare brand stuff that we've been testing was so soft. I mean, it was like silk. It's silk made of plastic. It's crazy.

I'm getting a lot of smell. Do you want to try naming this smell?

I don't have one for this one, but, it does have a smell.

It smells like a gardening shed that hasn't been used for gardening in a while, but instead has a bunch of mom's old magazine in boxes. What do you think these guys at Five Color Disposables come in at, what do you think?

I'm going to go with 95.

That's a great guess! I think you're reading my face. Is that what's going on? Are you reading me? He's reading me. He's not reading the machine.

94.642. 94.642. Again, these things are going to vary by a couple percentage points every time. So I'm going to give them 95% on this. They claimed 95% on the box, which is what the manufacturer is claiming. On the listing. they're claiming 98% and I'm going to call [00:03:18 BLEEP] on that. That's not right. It is not 98%. It's 94.6, but I'll give them that.

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