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Video Transcript Alrighty. Welcome back. If you're just joining, we are testing every single mask on Amazon so that you know how they stack up. I think I'm going a little mask crazy, to be honest, because this is the 970th mask that I've tested so far today. It's a lot of masks.

This one that we're looking at right now, I've looked at these before. I mean, you could pick up a kid with this kid's mask. But not this specific one, is the Viva Naturals disposable face mask for kids. I love the packaging. I love the designs and the cute boats. What was it? Like ships and stuff like that. So I think these are probably going to be very, very similar.

We did say that we were going to buy every mask on Amazon and we meant it, so that means buying all the little individual versions of this stuff. Which I think is useful, because when you benchmark the different numbers, you can really see if a manufacturer cares about this stuff.

So let's go ahead and just jump in and get this guy in our system and see. Put this in. Got your side?


One of the things you can really tell about a brand is how much they care about their brand, right? So many of the masks on Amazon show up in a bag that says, disposable masks, like they don't care about their brand. If they don't care about their brand, are they really going to care about the quality of the masks? That's a good question.

These guys, Viva Naturals, they really have a great box, they've really thought through all these different things. They're not making any claim in terms of breathability or medical. And then they've got, it looks like just this one type of camo mask for kids. And it's really cute; it's got a black ear loop. They're sealed in packs of 10, which I kind of like that better than the individual sealing. I think that individual is just too much. Packs of 10, this is great. This'll fit into your fanny pack or in your backpack or even, pack of 10 will fit in your boot. That's right. Just in case you need them.

Alright. Let's take a look at these guys. Really strong. That's what we saw from Viva Naturals last time. This is great. You do want to test this because you don't want it falling off. I mean, look, it's happened with my mask that I make here in my factory. Very embarrassing. I'm out on the town, having good time, wearing a black mask or something, feeling like a boss. [inaudible 00:02:33], the earlobe pops off. That's embarrassing. No one wants that. Right? Makes me mad I make the masks.

No one's going to do this, but this is a good idea to see if a mask is going to stand up. It's a really good quality mask. Let's do the wishbone. That's a strong mask. You could definitely pick up a baby with that mask.

Again, I think I said this last time, I don't love the smell. It's a little plastic-y. It's very like inside of a piece of plastic that's just been recently created, something like that. I don't see why they have these smells. I think it's probably this outer layer hat's so soft. You could legitimately make like a blanky fabric out of this it's so soft. These Viva Naturals and I think, what was it, the WeCare Masks, are so soft. Way softer than anything that we make, to be honest. Great nose wire. Great mask all around. What do you think this one came in at?

At the same, maybe.


[crosstalk 00:03:40] four. 95.284.

Actually, 89.29%. 89.293%. So a little bit lower. The American standard, which this machine is testing for, is to try to get above 95%. So, 95% is an ASTM level one mask, ASTM level two and three, is a 98%. Personally, If I'm looking on Amazon, probably heard me say it a million times, broken record, buy an ASTM level two or three mask. That's what I would search for if I'm searching for a mask.

If you love this video though, I would love it if you could like it or subscribe. But seriously, we're trying to get the word out here. It would really help if you help us do that by sharing this with your friends; emailing your mom, writing a letter to your Senator, those things. Anything you have time for in the next couple minutes, please do that, and I'm going to be checking on you. Thank you very much.

My sign-offs are getting weirder and weirder. We're going to, pretty soon it's not even going to be English, it's going to be random words at the end of these things. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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