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Video Transcript Hey everyone, welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask in the world. Very excited today to take a look at the Face Mask 3-Ply Single use from a company called Global Med Group UNIBEAR, just the one bear. This is a user submission from John Doe. He writes, "To Lloyd, can you test this face mask? My healthcare facility issues this face mask to everyone. I hate wearing it. It's so poorly made, and yet we continue to have multiple COVID outbreaks. Your surgical face mask is a lot better for source control, that is the whole point of wearing a face mask. Our healthcare facility has over a thousand employees and they buy the cheapest face masks ever. Please test and destroy this face mask on camera."

Well, John, that's not fair. I will only destroy it if it's worthy of destruction, which I got a feeling this one is. So let's buckle up, and let's get it in the clamper, we'll talk about this mask.

So I can just tell by looking at it that it is not a quality made mask. Well, let's get it going and see what happens. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If we want to find out how this thing works, I'm going to put a link up there, but we are doing the American Surgical Mask Test. Now this was being put in a American healthcare facility. And technically, I believe if they're using it in that hospital, it needs to be what's called an FDA cleared 510K mask. So that is a surgical mask. This is not a surgical mask. It says right on the box "face mask". So we already know it's not meeting those standards right there.

They're also saying BFE 95%. I hate that, especially during COVID, because bacteria is huge, bacteria filtration won't help you. We are not testing with bacteria here using this machine, we're testing using 0.1 micron latex particles. I do like that they have these all individually packaged inside the pack of 50. So this is a 10 bag inside it. UNIBEAR Single-use Medical face Mask. Oh, it says, "medical face mask" now. Okay. Oh, this is going to be fake. "FDA". 100% of the time that someone puts the fake FDA or the old FDA logo on a bag or a box means it's going to fail standards. So we have had this happen a bunch of times.

So this is wrong for two reasons. Number one, the FDA doesn't let you put their logo on a mask, even if it's 510K cleared. Number two, if they did, they'd want you to use their recent logo. That's an old logo. So whoever did this was a bad forger. Same thing here, the old FDA logo.

And again, I can tell that this is not going to go well, because look at this. It's all... It's made backwards. The welder's supposed to be on the front, and the reason for that is when you put it against your face, it holds against your face well. The spunbond is like cloudy, it kind of looks like Michelangelo's ceiling, right? Which is cool, but that just means that the quality of spunbond is not very good. And then look at the fold on the top and how it's all like bumpy, if you can see that. Yeah, see that? We did that when we were first making masks here and we didn't know what we were doing. All of our folds came out super bumpy. We sold some of those, I'm going to be honest with you. But that was in April, the pandemic. Probably what happened, I'm guessing, is that this hospital loaded up on these and they still have them, a bunch in their warehouses. I wish I knew which hospital it was. I knew that was going to happen. These are one of the worst ear loops I've ever had.

Oh my gosh! That broke just moving it. That's incredible. So again, like these things, these little subjective things, sometimes they don't mean anything, but usually what it means is it also has crappy filtration median as well. I'm going to do the smell test. Smell's not bad. It smells like a hospital pillow actually. You know like... Which I've actually only been in a hospital, I've had my kids, but when you lay down on a pillow it just has that kind of like plastic-y, kind of clean, recently clean smell.

But you know, and this is like... Look at that. Look at that. I'm barely pulling on this. That's not good. Look at... Oh my gosh. That's pretty bad. It's pretty bad. It's pretty bad construction. All right. But does that matter if it doesn't protect you, and what does the machine say? Remember, this machine is made to test to the FDA standard or the ASTM standard. The FDA standard has a minimum filtration of 95%. That'd be an ASTM Level 1 mask. What does it say? 53.307. 53.307. That's pretty bad. In fact, it's so bad if I go and look at our database here, this UNIBEAR mask is the sixth worst mask that we have on our list. That's pretty bad. That's pretty bad.

All right guys, thank you so much for watching, I appreciate your time and attention. Thank you John Doe, suspect that's not your real name, for writing in and giving us a chance to test the masks at your hospital. Appreciate it. Hope this has been helpful, and I will catch you all on the next test.

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