Similar question as Lisa. A few weeks ago (late December), these masks had a good grade on this site. Why did it change? (Sadly, I bought a ton based on the recommendation status at the time. Did I waste $60??)

Kat James January 16, 2022

Greetings Armbrust!

Thank you for doing the mask testing and database.

I am on this page (https://www.armbrustusa.com/blogs/mask-review/kn95-opecticid-flat-fold-adult-regular-white-561) looking up data for the OPECTICID mask and am confused. The page says that the mask FAILED/“Do not buy this mask”, despite good filtration and breathability numbers, but Lloyd’s video says it passed the test. Can you please explain why the discrepancy between what’s on the page and in the video?

My elderly mother was given an OPECTICID mask by a friend who said he did the research, but I wanted to help her by checking your database. I want to make sure I give my mother accurate information about whether this mask is good or not.

Tank you so much for any feedback you can provide.

Lisa Gerhold-Dirks
Elmhurst, IL

Lisa Gerhold January 14, 2022

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