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Video Transcript All right. What's up everybody? Today, we are testing every single mask on Amazon. And when I say every single mask, I mean... Well, not every one probably, but most of them, and it's a lot of masks. So today we are looking at disposable face mask, five colors for kids by a brand called Taimu. What is it?


Taimu? So the thing I don't like about this brand, we tested their adults masks and they came in at, what was it? 88.6%. Is that they claim to protect you against coronavirus. And this is not something that anybody should do morally. Also, it's not something that you could actually guarantee, right? Because there's so many things going on. Are you wearing the mask correctly? Is it being put on your face? And the problem is there are some consumers who will buy this, thinking that it will protect them and that's not okay. Because this by itself cannot protect you from coronavirus, especially not at 88, which is what the last one.

So I started not liking this brand and I think I've gone into aggressively disliking them. Let's get this guy under the system. Are you good on your side there? It's pretty good actually. Okay. And let's let her rip. The last mask, the breathability wasn't very good. It had a very thick, outer layer. These ones I'm sure are made very similarly. So what I do like about this is they're doing different colors for kids. That's cute. I think it's important. Kids need to have different colors if they want to get excited about wearing a mask.

Yeah. All around this mask is not a very good quality mask. That's really bad. A kid is going to pull on a mask a lot more than an adult will. One of the first things my kid... I have five kids. One of the first things they do is they pick it up and they do this. That was good. Oh, you want to try it on? Again, it's not the worst smell similar to the other one.

Yeah [inaudible 00:02:09].

That's cute. I'd say it's probably in the top 10% of masks that you're going to buy on Amazon in terms of smell. Okay. So last ones were at what?

86. 88%.

88%. So what do you think the kids masks are going to come in at?

I'm going to go with 86.

86? 86.561. Boom. Give it to me. Nice one. Again, I would not buy these, although these are probably the cheapest kids masks you're going to find on Amazon. Most kids masks, any factory that's making kids masks, it's a smaller part of their overall production. And because it's a smaller part of their production, it's more expensive for them to do that. So anywhere you buy masks, China, the United States, the kids masks are going to be a lot more expensive. These guys are the same price, 12.99 for both. That's kind of weird.
Thank you so much for watching. If you guys decide to buy these masks because of watching this video, want to ask for an exchange a little like. No one's looking, you know what I'm saying? Hit that like button or subscribe or do both, would you do both?

I'd do both.

He's a giver folks. Thank you. See you next time.

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