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Video Transcript Hello, mask people and welcome to another edition of what is that Amazon mask doing? That's not the name of the show. It actually doesn't have a name. We should probably have a name. That would make this more efficient. But instead, we are testing every single mask on Amazon, and so I thank you for joining me. And I want to show you this delightful little number that I got today.

Ooh, I know I'm actually showing it in the Amazon box. Now, does that mean that none of the other masks actually came in Amazon boxes? No. Why am I doing this? I will tell you. This is a very special mask. I happened to see this mask... This came across the wire. A face mask. This is the most generic thing. Face mask pack of 50, blue. Look at that price. $2.49. What? And then the other thing that's crazy is right here. Sold by

So, Amazon does this from time to time where sometimes they have a brand that says Amazon Basics, or something like this. Sometimes they just pay somebody else and use their brand. I don't know why we're using the brand Sismate. I've never heard of before, but they're selling us for $2.49. $2.49. Why is that significant? I shall tell you, because that means Amazon's basically paying you to take this mask. Now we've actually, since I've purchased this mask and now I've done a couple reviews, I've found like two or three other ones that are selling for this price point. It's insane. To fulfill this mask on Amazon would cost $3.30 Or $3.40. That's how much it would cost to ship it to your house. And yet Amazon shipped it in this box. Look at how big this box is. It would cost us to ship this box. It would cost us like four bucks. And they're selling the masks for $2.49. They're giving you $1.50, basically, is what's going on. Or $1 because Amazon's got better prices. So, I had to buy these things. Are they any good? We don't know. We shall find out.

So first of all, they ship it in this huge box. It's like, come on, can we have a computer build this or something? I don't know. Get out of here. All right. Did I... I made it in the garbage can! Yes. So, this is the box. It's got this seal on it that is very legit. I like that seal. That seal costs like 5 cents. So right there, they're losing more money. This is a great, actually, box. It's not a soft touch box, but they've got a nice design. It's not a very thick package, so this is about a one or two mill. Very, very... So, you could tell this would break open very easily. So, not super high quality packaging, no soft touch box. Come on guys. No, I get it. I mean for $2.50, what do you want? This is actually the nicest $2.50 box I've ever seen. Usually those masks are coming in bags and stuff.
All right. Let's look at this. That's pretty good.

That's never going to break, ever. I'm challenging you. You can't break. I'll break you. Nope. It's not going to break. Wow. That's a good quality mask. That's really good quality mask. Huh. Okay. Now, it's not... The nose-wear is not completely centered here, but it's almost a full tang. You can see it moves just a little bit if you do that. I'm not going to give them too much crap for that. This is really strong. Wow.

I'm going to call this smell, I've been in a box for a year, which is what it smells like. Smells like I've been in a cardboard box for a year. Like if you were to crawl into a cardboard box covered in two mill plastic, and stay there for an entire year, this is what you'd smell like, which is not terrible. That's not terrible. I'm going to give it four stars on the smell.

Let's test this mask that's going to put me out of business. All right.
This is testing airflow resistance here, which is really great. This is super breathable. This is going to reset in a second. Let's take a look at the listing while we're doing the test. We're at 67 airflow. It's really great. Super breathable. Usually there's a correlation. The more breathable, the less protection it's going to offer. All right, so again, this is embarrassing for me. I can't even ship a mask out of our facility for less than four bucks. I think it's actually like $4.30 now for the post office. Again, Amazon's literally paying you to take this mask. Pack of 50 masks. Not intended for medical use. They're being super upfront about that. Not proven to reduce the transmission of disease. Love that they're being upfront. Each mask comes with an adjustable nose clip, three layers. Imported from China. Being super upfront.

All right, it's just finishing up and great breathability. 65. Super great breathable. Like our masks are probably in the 120, 130s efficiency. Not very good. The efficiency on this mask is 81.778. 81.778. That's really low. Epidemiologists recommend 80 as the floor. You don't want to go any lower. But honestly, the minimum standard in the United States is 95%. I tell people to look for... That would be an ASTM level one mask. I tell people to look for an ASTM level two or level three mask. That's a 98% filtration. This is much, much smaller. I wouldn't use that, this mask. I mean, this is a good box. It's very well made. A lot of care went into it, honestly. Like whoever did this manufacturing job actually really did care. But for some reason, they just used really (beep) meltblown because 81% is like... I'll tell you this. We make meltblown, and I've never seen meltblown that's that bad. That's really bad meltblown. So, I wouldn't wear this, but overall I'm going to give it three stars.

All right. Thank you guys very much for watching this. If you enjoyed this, or if you enjoyed learning out how Amazon is paying you to take this mask and wear it, then I would love a like or subscribe. Or you know what? Actually I'm feeling really charitable. I just like the time we're spending together. Very meaningful to me. All right, we'll catch you at the next test. Thank you very much.

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