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Video Transcript All right you beautiful people. Thank you for joining yet another adventure of testing every single mask on Amazon. Don't worry Oracio has a theme song that he's been composing and we'll have that next week but in the meantime, check out Mystcare.

I don't know what that means, but they're disposable face masks and they have anti-smog. When you wear these, according to the box, smog will push away. Saliva prevention, no saliva. If you wear these masks, prevent pollen and adjustable nose clip. I feel like they were going on a roll here and then they just kind of, they went in, I don't know. And in just case, you're wondering what type of mask this is. It is an ear loop type, better breathing mask. I feel like this is made by a random sentence generator. All right, let's shut up and start testing this mask.

Let's get this fine gentleman in here. All right, let's start this guy. All right. These masks are extremely affordable. They're $9.99 cents. This is a very weird mask. Look at that. I don't know. I... There's something about it. It's strikingly odd here. The airflow resistance is right at 66 pascals, which is really good. That's like really breathable but it just has a weird sheen to it. It's almost like see through, right?


You know what I mean? Wow.

Very thin.

Very thin, that's very strong. You could hold up two babies with that mask and that's a guarantee. Here put that on.


It's very soft ear loops. I mean, getting a lot of Petro chemicals here. This is like, if I woke up in the morning and I grabbed a can from the garage and I was going to water my roses.

And then I looked down because of this smell that I'm smelling right now and realized that I had grabbed a gas can. That's the smell that I'm smelling in this mask. I would say the smell is very strong. I think whatever happened when they packaged these, because this is nice that it seals like very sanitary in the single units. I think they packaged them in a factory that also makes in refined gasoline or something. I don't know. I wouldn't recommend the smell, but the breath ability is really good. This is really soft ear loops. The fit is pretty good. I mean, and this is strong, man. This is a good, this is a well made. If not weirdly smelling mask, no, this machine is an ASTM testing machine it's made to test the lowest level of mask in the United States. According to the ASTM standard is...


He's heard me say it enough, the top level ASTM mask or ASTM level two or three. If you were to ask me, Lloyd, what mask should I get on Amazon? I would say, get an ASTM level three. That's going to protect you at 98%. What do you think this mask came in? This is super affordable. Individually packed masks, $9 and 99 cents.


90%. He thinks Oracio does not like these masks. That's what I learned. 94.6 8%. That is almost meeting the standard. Remember, this is just one test. If we were really doing this in a lab, we would test probably four or five from this batch, at least. I don't think it's fair to hold them to 90, to under 95%. It's a pretty good mask. To be honest, I don't like the smell but aside from that, like the price is great. 94.6.

I don't hate it. I don't hate it. Thanks so much. If you like this at all, like and of course, what do we say on YouTube?


That's right. He's got it. Have a good one.

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