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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on Amazon. Today, we are looking specifically at 510K masks. What is that? Those are masks that the FDA has cleared themselves, and you should be able to trust the FDA, but I'm going to be that extra check and balance. So let's put this thing in the clamper and see what happens. Whoa, these are crazy. What color is that?


A purple FDA cleared mask. Wow. That's new. I think this is the only purple FDA cleared mask that exists, I really think that. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to clear a mask. This is a PFE machine, Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. If you want to find out more about this, you can check out that link, but we are doing the same test, roughly speaking that the FDA would do here.

Okay. So let's look at the actual listing itself. This is the worst Amazon listing I've ever seen, and it's not Prime, you probably wouldn't buy this. What we did is we went to the FDA's website and we looked at all of the different types of masks that exist. And we tried to buy all of them. And if they weren't on Amazon, which most aren't, we reached out to the manufacturer themselves, but these ones were on Amazon. Medicom is a brand that's been producing for a long time. This is just like a really horrible listing. I doubt that Medicom themselves is selling this, but look at... You can see that the Premier Elite, and this is what shows up.

SafeMask, Premier Elite. Procedure Earloop Mask, it's interesting they're calling that a procedure mask when this has been cleared, they could call it a surgical mask. ASTM level 3, this is the pink one, submicron particulate efficiency, 0.1 micron, that's what this test is. This should pass at 98%. Medicom is a brand, I think they've been around for a while. This is not well put together though, this is a total garbage mask. This is one of the worst masks I've ever seen. I didn't notice when I was putting it in. Look, they put their name on there, Medicom. I would not put my name on this. Look at this, look at that. It's like the ear loops aren't being cut, they're being torn off.

This is horrible. And look at the fold. It's like super inconsistent. What's going on with this nose wire. I mean, it's a good nose wire, but it just looks horrible. And the quality of the spun mines is really awful. Like this is seriously like an ugly mask. Now granted like sometimes ugly masks will come through and you know, do really well. But usually I find that the quality of the build of the mask, correlates to the actual thing, but this is the FDA cleared mask. This is a ASTM level 3 mask. It should pass. And this is a nice box, but you open it up. I mean, look at this. Sorry, I'm not going to harp on this too much more, but look at this nice box. You open it up. It's weird.

Let's try this one. Super thick fabric, too. Very rough on the skin. I'm going to call this smell very, very cardboard. If you wore this, if you were a surgeon, look at this, like if I was delivering bad news to you, like after surgery, would you take me seriously? Like, look, I mean, my OCD would kick in for sure. On this. Look at that. It's horrible. This is horrible. All right. I guess it doesn't really matter. But remember they're claiming on the box, they're claiming on the listing, they're claiming on the FDA's website, that this will pass that 98%. And that's what this machine is meant to test. So let's see what it says.

There you go. There you go. Garbage in garbage out, right? Like if a mask looks terrible, 84%, that's horrible. All right. This way, this is super weird. A lot of weird things going on here. All right. Let's just, I didn't even notice this, so made in the US, but I'm pretty sure this is actually a trusting quality. I think this is a Canadian company. Look at this. Okay. I see AMD Medicom, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and distributed by AMD Medicom Inc. Lockbourne Ohio. I'm not really sure. This is very confusing, either way it's not a good mask. All right, guys. Thank you so much for watching. Always a new adventure. I hope you enjoyed this. And if you did, we're doing another one tomorrow. Same bat-time, same bat-station. I'll see you at 10:00 AM tomorrow. I know you can watch it anytime, but there'll be a new one tomorrow at 10. See you then.

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