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Video Transcript All right, guys. Thanks for joining. We are testing every single mask on Amazon and today for the first time ever, actually the third time, we are testing the black Disposable masks. I'm not really sure where they were going with that, but I think there's a joke in there somewhere. I just don't understand that. This is the third time we've tested this same box.

Fashion face covering for home, office, outdoor, but don't you dare wear it to the movies.

And the third different brand. This is very common on Amazon. You'll have one manufacturer and then different brands that will sell it. This one is from the brand MascotKing. At least that sounds like a brand, so I got to give them that one. And let's see if it's working for them. We're going to test this bad boy today with a PFE machine, that's Particulate Filtration Efficiency machine. This set up costs about a $100,000. If you want to learn more about it, I'm going to put a link below that explains the particulars of it. Oracio, help me get this test. Now Oracio is here because he paid for all of this and he wanted to be sure that we weren't wasting his money.

That's right.

Let's go ahead and get it started. So, I've said this, broken record now, I'm sure Oracio is having a great time listening to this because I've said the same thing three times. What I don't love about the packaging of this particular one, it's got holes in it and it's really thin and it's just not very sanitary. I'm going to use our example one more time. Can you throw me that one package again? In our packages, we use food grade plastic to seal our masks because it's very important that, to me, it's like, this is a sanitary thing. I don't want it. If you're putting it on your face, I don't want there to be any contaminants.

And then also there's a smell issue. So the first two of this exact same mask we've tested before, had kind of a smell on it. And so we're going to test this one. I said this before, but the construction, at least on the other there two were insane. Oh! All right. Let's test it again. Okay. That was a fluke. That one ear loop just wasn't a great ear. Okay, these are good. The construction and these are insane. The way this feels, it actually said on the box, I made fun of it at first, it said, "Unique elastic material, reduce ear pain and bruises." Because I get bruises all the time from wearing masks. But it actually is really good ear loop material.

So the reason I don't love a lot of these is because that hole in the packaging, it allows smells to get in. And I'm going to have you try this again. You let me know if... This one is not as bad, I don't think. The other one I joked, I said it was almost like I went to a gas station and spilled gas all over my shoes and the rest of the day I'm smelling that gas. This isn't great, but it's not as bad as the other ones. I definitely smell it. It's not a great smell. But the construction of these are amazing. Now, what's interesting is the first two that we tested, the first one was 80% and the next one was 90%. And those claim to be made on, if you look at the Quality Certificate, they claim to be manufactured on the same day. China is usually really, really good with their quality assurance.

So, in effect, if this got out in China, I guarantee you this factory would be in trouble because that sort of sways should not be possible. Especially on the same day. They claim on the box they have 95% bacterial filtration. This is a different machine. We're testing particulate filtration. It's more accurate, tests down to 0.1 microns. But what are the results? Does it protect you? What do you think?

I'm going to go halfway, 85%.

Ding, ding, ding! 86.61%. Now, in the United States, the minimum standard for a protective mask is 95%. And that's not just an N95. That's any surgical. If you see the word surgical in the box, the minimum that it's going to have is a 95%. Our mask test at 98%, which is the top. It's an ASTM level three mask. So if you're looking for a mask that's going to protect you, personally I would go with an ASTM level three.

All right, thanks again for watching. It would help us a lot if you found anything useful about this, even a joke that Oracio made that was funny, if you could like and subscribe, I'd appreciate it. And stick with us. We've got about 5,000 more masks we need to test because we bought all the masks on Amazon. Thanks very much.

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