LUXSENZ Blue 3-ply Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript All right, party people. Thanks for joining today. We are testing every mask on an Amazon, and if you're watching these chronologically, you're going to tell I'm getting more and more tired as the day goes along. Don't apologize. Today we are testing, or for this video we are testing the very popular Folavi disposable mask.

But of course, as Amazon does, that's not what we purchased. What we purchased was the Luxsenz breathable three-ply design with elastic ear loop, 50 counts. Health and personal care. So interesting that it shows this picture and then this shows up. I get that logistics is hard, Amazon, but I guess if no one's watching, they don't care. Anyways, let's test this and see what happens. All right, let's do it.

Oh, this is no longer available on Amazon. So I'm sorry guys. You might not be able to get it. I wonder if the reason is no longer available is because when you buy the thing, it doesn't show up and something else shows up. It's probably why. Okay, so the breathability is very low, very good. 58.

Oh, wow.

But when I open this up, inside it is a wrapping and it has filtration efficiency, 95%. Oh. Contact to vertical B2B model. If there's anything wrong with this item, contact us. And then it's got the FDA's old logo, ISO and CE, which are international logos. If it's got the FDA's old logo, this is not going to be a good mask because number one, the FDA does not want you putting their logo on stuff. And number two, well, they want you to use the right logo if you're going to.

So this is a counterfeit mask, for sure. This is definitely, you can tell by picking it up it's a cheaper mask. This is a very thin nose wire. I think this is another two millimeter, one millimeter thick nose wire, but I like it's very breathable. You can tell right away that it's not providing much resistance, but here's a hint. If a mask is too breathable, it probably isn't protecting you very well. The smell is actually great. It's a smell, but not a bad one, not a plastic one. It's like when you go to an Airbnb and it's not a smell you're familiar with, but you're not mad about it.

It's like your friend's apartment that you're going to for the first time. And you're like, "Huh, it's different, but okay." This is the best smelling mask, I think ironically, that we've seen. So the American standard is 95%. So we want to see something 95 or above. And this claimed to have 95% filtration. So, based on the claim, based on the American standard, we want to see 95%. So what do you think it's going to be?

So, 95.

Guys, we got a winner. We have a winner here today. This mask is the worst mask we have tested today. This mask has a filtration efficiency of 42.9%. 42.9%. Ugh. And it claimed to do 95. That is just, I love it. It's it smells really nice though. It's a really nice smell. If you found this video helpful at all or not, please give us a like and maybe a subscribe, surprise me. Thanks very much. And we'll see you on the next test.

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