KellyKessa Black Disposable Face Masks

KellyKessa Black Disposable Face Masks

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place, we are testing every single mask on Amazon. Today we are testing the KellyKessa, feels like something that was named by I don't know GPT-3. All right, let's put in the clamper and get this test going, we can talk about OpenAI and robot naming platforms to our hearts content. This is a PFE machine particular filtration efficiency machine. If you want to find out more, check out that link all right. KellyKessa, it's one of these things that you buy and it shows up and you're like this looks cool, there's a guy on a skateboard and he's protecting himself with a black mask, surely that's going to show up in a skateboard box and what you get is this. Disappointing. Let's take a look at this. It doesn't look like they... Wait, this is a really, really cheap plastic. You're guessing there's going to be some smells to this guy and it doesn't look like they're making any claims. They're definitely not making claims on the box because there's no box. There's no marketing whatsoever KellyKessa.

So this is made... Typically, you want the black or the color to be on the outside, white to be on the inside and they put the ear loops on the inside so that's a design flaw. That's not good, that's horrible. Oh my gosh. This is the worst you loose in the day. Try this. See, I put it on the right way. My ears aren't that strong people. Yeah, these are bad. They're using a really thick outer layer, it's probably a 50gsm which is going to make a little bit harder to breathe out of and in fact, I'm seeing the airflow resistance at 134, which is really, really high, that's because they did a really thick outer layer. So I'm going to give them a zero on the construction. I'm getting a medium strong smell here. I'm going to call this smell nondescript playing cards you get at the gas station or something like that, they didn't have the bicycle cards, so all they have is these weird ones with a cowboy with a lasso or something.

Pretty random. Not a great smell, medium probably 15 out of 25 on that one all right? But does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you? Let's check it out. My creativity is just gone today people, but it's about as good as this mask protects you which is not very good. 89.965, with that breathability being so high I mean, that's higher than we like to see typically. Best is 100 or less, our masks come at about 115, 120, coming at 134 is really high so it's hard to breathe through and then having the... Usually there's an inverse, the more breathable something the less filtration it has. This one was not breathable and no filtration so I wouldn't put it there, it's not even the minimum standards in the U.S. which are 95%, then 95% would be an ASTM level one mask and we like to see an ASTM level two or three masks here which is 98% something like that.

All right, thank you guys for checking this out. Hope this is helpful and if not I sincerely apologize. I'm really, really, Sorry. I will do better next time. Try not to disappoint you. All right, I'll get you on the next test.

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