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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining. Today we are testing every single mask on Amazon. It's a Saturday. I got my Hawaiian shirt on, and today we are testing the Hxihan. It's H-X-I-H-A-N. I don't know how to say it. And then when you look on the; it's actually not on this box at all. But it's on the listing, so.

All right, let's take a look at this thing. So, decent box. Weird that they did not put the name on the box. That's kind of very, very weird. But it's not a soft touch box. You know I'm going to be prejudice, immediately. So I'm going to open this up. You can tell that it's been maybe opened before. I think, we open them so we can get the mask out.

It's got that nice little feature there. I don't know. It's kind of weird to me. So it's in a bag. That is, is it sealed? It's sealed. Wow. It's sealed. That's great. So it's completely sealed, I love that. It makes me feel good inside. You've got the quality certificate right there. Which, part of it is in English. And this was made in August of 2020. I'm going to open this up. You can tell that this is hand packed, by the way. By the way that it's packaged, a robot wouldn't be able to do the folds like this, or no one would spend that much money on a robot for this.

Pretty standard quality. It's getting a weird, you can see this. It's kind of like; so what makes me worry about this is that the spun bond, which is the outer layer that stops water from blocking, you can see that it's not sticking to the center layer here. And that typically means that it's not very good melt lung. It's really thin spun bond too.

Wow. That's phenomenal, look at that. Oh, dang it. Why does that always happen? I need to build a robot so I can be fair with this stuff. So I'm pulling the; You know Hxihan, every time I try to break your masks, and you're interrupting my train of thought. I'm trying to have a conversation with myself here, and the mask keeps breaking. It's very infuriating. Okay, look. I don't think, I think if you put 50 of these on, I think maybe one's going to break. Because if I'm being really gentle, like that. But if I just apply the tiniest bit of pressure it's going to break. All right, let's put this on.

All right. I'm going to label this smell the standard Amazon Chinese mask smell. There it is. This is like super standard, three stars. Don't like it, don't hate it. By this time I'm just used to, like I feel like I'm just drinking gasoline, to be honest. I've reviewed so many of these. All right. I should shut the heck up and test this thing. Huh? This is everyone's favorite part where we see if I am going to hurt myself in the machine. Oh I did such a great job. So proud of myself. Let's let 'er rip.

This is a particulate filtration efficiency machine. It's designed to test to the ASTM standard, which is the American standard. We're testing airflow resistance here, and efficiency. This is going to take some time while we shoot a bunch of particles through. If you want to know how this machine works, I'm going to put a link below so you can see. And then now I'm going to switch over to the listing, so that we can have some drama later when we reveal. The airflow resistance is coming in at 72, which is really low. And if it's really low, typically the filtration follows suit. Because you can't be super breathable and have a great filtration. All right. This is the Hxihan; someone text me and tell me how to say this. I'm not saying it right. I apologize. Weird brand.

It's getting, it's got a lot of things. Okay. So melt blown fabric. Number one. This is the first point. Melt blown fabric, great. Breathable filter face mask. I feel like their keyword stuff egg. 3D structure. What does that mean? This is like the second time I've heard 3D structure. Easy to breathe, true. Filters out dust, odors, large particles. Probably does filter out large particles, but it's the small ones that we care about. Large particles. Oh, this is great. Suitable for students classrooms, office, crowded airports, parks, pet shops, and busy urban streets. Let's pop back over to the efficiency and see we're at Ooh, 84%. We're almost done with the test. That is not very good.

Yeah. I mean, I wouldn't recommend this mask. For that, 84.57 is the final there. 84.57. Very breathable, not blocking much. Epidemiologists suggest a minimum filtration of at least 80%. It is hitting that. With the smell, I mean the price is really good. It's, whoa, $5 and 9 cents. What did we buy this for? We bought it for 8.29, insanely good price. Probably give it three and a half stars if I could on the overall. Going to give it a three though, because Amazon doesn't have that ability. I mean, who cares how cheap it is if it doesn't protect you. Am I right? All right. Thank you all for watching. If this has been helpful at all, if you decided to buy this mask or you didn't decide to buy this mask. Hey, give me a like, or not. But if you don't, I'll know. And I'll find you. All right. Thanks very much. We'll catch you the next time. Bye.

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