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Video Transcript All right, everyone. Welcome back. Today we are testing every single mask on Amazon, still going. You've been with me from the beginning, what is a matter with you? Today we are, once again, testing the who Huheta brand, which I checked and I am pronouncing that correctly. Let's check this guy out.

Which one is this? I think this is just the... Oh no, it's the multicolor pack. Okay, we've got the multi colors. That's neato! I like that. Disposable, breathable, comfortable safety mask. $9.99 great price. We pay a little bit more for it.
I'm just trying to see if there're any claims that they're making. I can't remember what Huheta mask did last time, but I bet our editor will.

Close, but no cigar. 93.742. Anyway. I like the listing though, it's nice and to have a bunch of these different colors all coming in once, and look you can use at school or a factory, when you go from school to the factory, that's illegal. Okay. Don't make kids work in a factory, unless you own the factory, in which case... I do that.

All right. Let's put this in the clamp and see what happens. Getting back in the swing of things here. All right. PFE machine, you let her rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine, if you want to know what that is, check out more. We are not testing fit here, just the fabric. Keep that in mind, it is a part of the test, not all of it. You need to consider a lot of things when choosing a mask, but if it doesn't give you good filtration, how good is it.
All right. Let's take a look at the box. We're doing a box opening here from Huheta. When I look at the... Oh, look at this, look at that. It's the same as what appears in the mailbox, got to give them that. Not a soft touch, they cheaped out on that a little bit. Disposable Fa protective Blue Masks, New. Not blue, not making any claims on this guy. I don't think they're making claims. Wow, they're individually packed. I read that out loud, but didn't process it in my brain. That's so expensive to do. I've got to give them that. And there's no quality certificate.
These look Chinese, but maybe they're not. Really, really nicely sealed here.

Oh, but look at this nitpicking, but you see how the cut here is kind of cut off the edge so you've got 1, 2, 3, 4, and then you're only getting half of the welds there. And then this one's too long 1, 2, 3, 4, and it's too long. That's something that we check for in our quality assurance, we want to make sure that those cuts are even. Not necessarily going to mean that the filtration is good or not, but a lot of times I find that those little quality assurance things do actually play out.
All right, let's do the test. Whoa. It's really big ear loops. Here's the thing, I'm going to do a bunch of these at once. I'm going to attempt to open 10 at once. Yeah, I did it, easy open. That's nice. These are great sticking them in your purse. If you're going to a concert or something, I don't think I'm going in one of those concert bathrooms, ever again, without a mask so this would be great to have as a single use.

Fun fact, you don't want to put a mask by itself in your jeans pocket. The polypropylene can break down and turn into formaldehyde, who knew. That's probably bad for you. Okay. The ear loops are huge. It's probably not going to break on your face and they're not breaking when I do this, but when I apply just a little bit of pressure, it's breaking. I would go about half on that. Yeah. Those aren't good. Those aren't good. They're not going to break in your face. Oh wow. That was really bad. That one might break on your face. Oh. And look at this. This is insane. This is pure insanity. Some crazy person put this together. Look at this. Look at the different... I know I'm nitpicking, but look, see how the weld is there and then it's just at a catawampus angle, that's a technical term. And look at that, this is all over the place.

These welds are not the same for mask to mask, that's terrible. Also, they're doing it wrong on the construction side. They're trying to design it so that it goes against your face like this and it hides. But remember we want the welds to be on the outside, it will give a better fit. Okay, because it's fit and filtration.
All right. Let's do the test. The nose wire's really, really thin. I don't like that. Okay. I'm getting a plasticy cardboard smell here. I'm going to call this a liquor store plastic bag. Yeah. Liquor store plastic bag. Now in Texas, you need to put the alcohol in a bag before it leaves the store. Typically, it's a paper bag. Why is it plastic in this case? I don't know. That's for you to decide. All right. Does any of that crap matter if this doesn't protect you, let's check her out.

87.532. Not ideal. Wouldn't put it on an enemy. That's just me. I'm being a little nitpicky. Remember we're looking for ASTM level one at a minimum, that's 95%. Better is ASTM level two or three, that's going to be 98% and I couldn't remember the percentages. Look at this, my collars all over the place, what is going on? I'm falling apart over here. Do I even test masks? Is this even a real lab coat? All right. Thank you guys for watching. I'll catch you on the next test.

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