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Video Transcript Hey everyone, thanks for joining today. We are testing every mask on Amazon. Going a little mask crazy, I'm not going to lie. The next mask that we are testing is the FLTR protective general use mask. I like that. That is a great brand. I got to give it ... This is actually Costco's brand that they sell in Costco, but also it was on Amazon so it was available at Costco and Amazon. It's probably one of the most widely available masks. We're going to see how it stacks up. Let's jump into it.

Rossio, can you help me get this going here? Now this one is their black mask. They have a bunch of different types. Just put that down there and we're going to get started. First of all, I love their box. It's a soft touch box. Anytime a brand spends that ... What is it? $0.04 more a box, something like that. It costs about $0.04 more a box to have that extra soft touch, but I feel like it's just something that gives you like a ... If you're going to spend a little bit more on your box, you know that this stuff kind of follows downstream. They're going to care a little bit more when they're putting the masks together.

So this one says it's "equal or greater than 90% filtration of airborne particulates down to 0.3 microns", which is a very interesting thing to say considering the American standard is 0.1 microns. So we're nerding out here, but I am wearing a lab coat so bear with me. This machine actually tests using latex particles so it could be that these guys don't do as well as their 95% claim on the box. They do give that weird 0.3 micron disclaimer. I'm not sure why they have done that. These are made in China, even though they don't look like it, so that's probably why. And the thing that I'm a little maybe skeptical of is the packaging is easy to open, and so because of that you're not getting an actual seal. And what that means is practically a lot of smells and other particulates in the process of shipping these things can sneak in.

All right, let's check these guys out. You want to try one out here? Let's see. Let's see how good the ... Oh, that is excellent. I mean, that is spot on, but that's really good. So obviously, one of the complaints from a lot of masks, especially stuff we see on Amazon, ear loops breaking all the time. Not going to happen with these guys, really quality ear loops. The construction, black on black. I really like that. All right, let's try this guy on. Okay. I am getting a smell, which I don't love in this but it is a very slight smell. It's not as bad as normal. Oh, you know what I'm going to call this? I'm going to call this new iPhone. That is exactly what this smells like.

Okay, so does this matter though, if it doesn't protect you? Again, minimum standard in the United States is 95%. So what does this guy got? Well, they're claiming 95% at 0.3 microns. What do you think you got?


I think we got 95%. I mean, it's a good brand, soft touch box. You know they care about what they're ... They seem to be knowing what they're talking about here. 91.691%. 91.691%, so pretty good mask, great construction, low order, low odor, but 91%, 92% filtration.

All right. If you enjoyed this stick with us, I've got literally way too many more that we've got to continue doing because we tested every mask on Amazon and it would really help if you give us a like or a subscribe or both, or I guess you could just watch this for free and take advantage of us, go to my mom's house, and punch her in the face. These are all options to you, it's up to you. Thanks for watching. We will see you at the next test.

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Hi, Chris.
My name is Bob Bankus. I am the president of AlphaMed. We bought close to one million boxes of these a couple of months ago and we are down now to about 400k boxes remaining in Kansas. I would be happy to help you.

Bob Bankus October 30, 2023

Hello Chris. We have a close out lot on this. Pls email me. merrico@apollobio.org

Monica October 30, 2023

looking for a closeout offered on market flrt 75 pc black face mask
interested in the closoout will like buy directly whole inventory 10 or 20 loads

chris October 23, 2023

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