Dr. Talbot's Disposable Protective Girl's Face Mask

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place we're testing every single mask on the internet, even ones marketing specifically to small girls. That seems weird. Seems weird. Seems like it could work for everyone, but I don't know. I don't know. Let's test it anyway. I think my son might like these masks. I don't know. There's nothing wrong with that, but this one's just for girls. That's it. All right.

Let's get it in the clamp and see what happens. This is a pack of 10, which is very convenient. Very interesting, by the way, on the listing, it says print and packaging may vary. Anytime you see that you should worry, because what is going on with that manufacturer? You know what I'm saying? All right. I'm using a different clamp here just because look at how tiny this is. This is actually the smallest kid's mask that I have, I think put in the clamper today, which could be good.

This could be for a really small kid that could be ideal. Let's let her rip. This is a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We are doing the ASTM surgical mass test here just for you good people at home. So you know if this thing's going to protect you or not. Let's look at this bag. I like the packaging. I do. I like that nice little packaging. I like that.You can see the window in there so you can see what the pattern is. What is that? Pink blobs? Pink blobbies? What's this supposed to be? This is like a TV show I'm not aware of? Weird fabric.

Let's try this on. Let's do one of these. I don't have many to test. Ooh. Wow. That's really good. I give it a good yank. Let's try it on. Just like me, I'm a good yank. Yankee. Don't be weird, yankee. Like the British yank. Yeah good yank. See, this is the smallest. This is really small. This would work for probably four or five year old. Smell is really good. I mean, it's barely there. It's like a barely plasticy smell. Chinese probably propylene has a very specific smell to it.

I'm wondering if I'm a kid I'm going to... The fact that it's not breaking and it's on my face is pretty good. Yeah. That's not going to break. That's not going to break. That's really good. Great nose wire. Interesting design, but you know, not terrible. Look to see if there's any... It says six to 12 year olds. I don't know if it would really fit with a 12 year old. I mean, it barely fits my face.

And the efficiency is 90.402. Now that does fail any American standards, but they're not making any claims to that effect. They're not saying that it's an ASTM level one mask. Personally, I like an ASTM level two or three mask, which is going to be 98% or better. I don't think we've seen any children's masks that have met that today, which is crazy. But we're talking about a few percentage points. So your mileage may vary and maybe you really like this pattern. Maybe it speaks to you. It's like a Rorschach test, like a pink Rorschach test. Maybe you're into that, you know? So it's worth something.

All right. Thank you guys so much for watching and I will catch you on the next test, which is tomorrow at 10:00 AM if you're watching this in 2021. If you're watching in the future well, do we have jet packs yet? What's going on with that? Come on, come on, Musk. Get on it.

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