Aoxing KN95 Advanced Filtration Respirator

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Video Transcript Hey, everyone. Welcome back to the place where we're testing every single mask on Amazon, even Aoxing. Got them. Let's see how it tests. All right. That's the name of the mask maker. Not just saying things. See, here we go. Why does this always happens to me? That's why I have my giant pair of scissors. Oh, this is delightful. Wow. If you watch YouTube, you'll get it. This is quite the production. They're putting an individual quality certificate in every single one of these things. And it's individually sealed. This is very expensive, and they're doing this for about a buck piece. That's extremely, extremely expensive.

Zing. AO. And after all that work, they still did not make a legitimate KN95. All right. We will let her rip. This as a PFE machine, particulate filtration efficiency machine. We are doing the N95 or the KN95 test, if you prefer, to see if this meets filtration requirements. The 95 stands for 95%. And what we're doing is seeing if they're telling you the truth because they're lying about other things, I'll tell you that, just by looking here. So, they're claiming 95. What you buy shows up. That's nice. So, the name of the actual manufacturer is the [Dogigen 00:01:40] Aoxing AV Equipment Company. Oh. Aoxing. That's where it comes from. Also, AV Equipment Company sounds like a pivot, guys.

So, really, really insanely nice packaging. For it to be a legit KN95, you got to say KN95. You got to say the executive standard. In this case, it would be GB2626. And then, you got to say the manufacturer name. Let's try it on. Oh, smells like a candy store. That's a new one. I don't know why. Oh, come on, man. Ow. Construction's not great. All right. But does any of that matter if it doesn't protect you, right? May be individually packaged, may look great, not following the standard. So, let's see what the machine says. Let's let the data do the talking. Ah, 99%. 99.645. So, look, it could be a better mask. They're not exactly following the standard, but for a dollar each and have them individually sealed, and for that level of protection, and it smells like a fricking candy store, Aoxing, in a pinch, I might choose you. I don't know.

What was the breathability? 131? Not terrible. Yeah. 131. All right. All right, guys. All right, Aoxing Manufacturing, AV Manufacturing Co. You made a pretty good mask. All right. Thank you guys for watching. If you end up buying this mask because of this review, give me a like, or subscribe, or could write me a nice letter. I'll put my address below. Send me some cookies, whatever you think. I'm in for it. I'm in for any amount of praise that you want to give me, but no negativity please because I have a very fragile ego. All right? I will catch you guys on the next test. Thank you very much.


The Aoxing KN95 Advanced Filtration Respirator failed because the KN95 standard requires that the mask have the manufacturer’s name and the appropriate technical standard, typically either "GB 2626-2019" or GB-2626-2006,” written across the front of the mask. This is similar to how official N95 masks display NIOSH approval numbers. This mask did not have the required identification on its front. 

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I appreciate the work you do. This one is very funny (Funny weird, not HaHa). You put up the link today. It is already " currently unavailable" on Amazon

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