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Video Transcript Hey guys. Thanks for joining today. We are testing every single mask on Amazon. We've got a lot to get through. But we're going to put them through our $100,000 ASTM testing machines here and let you know how they do. So today we're doing the Dr. Moxa brand on Amazon, which is one of the cheapest masks I've been able to find. And they're made in America. At least they claim to be, but I'm a little skeptical, but we'll see.

I'm skeptical because I know most of the manufacturers in the United States. There's not that many. And I haven't seen them before. But we're going to give them a good shot. So I'm going to look at the listing here. Made in the USA, three level protection, lightweight. This is insane, 100 masks, $14.99. That's the cheapest mask that we found on Amazon. And they're saying that they're made in the USA, so if these work these could be the steal.

All right, so I'm going to go ahead and get it started here. And then we're going to look at the box. So soft touch box, that's nice. Very weird. I have not seen very many of these. Normally they're 50 packs and that's because, to be honest, those were standardized by 3M a long time ago, 50 in a box. So we've got 100 in here right away. This feels very Chinese the way this is put together. And I say that because I know a lot of masks and how they are put together and this particular type of design of a bag, which is not a sealed bag. You can see you can just open it up. It's not very sanitary and it's got a hole in it. It's got holes in the actual bag and that's where air gets out. But it's actually, it's not a very sanitary thing. I don't like that, personally. We seal our masks in this food grade plastic, so it's kind of protects you. I have all only ever seen this exact bag on a Chinese mask. So that's weird that this is coming in here. But it's got a little quality certificate that says in English, "Made in USA."

Now something else is weird. We don't do this with our masks in the United States. We don't put these little quality certificates gets in. They do in China. I think what's going on here is somebody, maybe a Chinese company that makes masks and is used to the processes, set up something. They say they're from Wisconsin. Move to Wisconsin and set up something in Wisconsin, which there's nothing wrong with that, still made in the United States. And honestly, the more production that we can get here, the better. So I think it's a great thing, as long as they're not lying. But we are here to test the quality of the masks. Who cares if it's made in the United States if you don't like it, right?

So these are definitely packed by hand. And you could tell right away that the ear loops are not... Look at how they're off. They're not in the same place. That's kind of weird. That's why we're going to do a test. Great though. That is great. Holy cow. I'm actually surprised because it looked like the welds were a little weak on the ear loops, but that is phenomenal here. I can't believe how good that is. That's one of the best ones we've seen. I'm going to put on the mask. Now what I don't love, again, about this type of packaging is it has holes in it naturally to let the air out. And what that does is it allows smells to get in, because there's no smells in the manufacturing process.

I'm getting an extreme smell here. It's like oregano or something. I'm not really sure. It's not pleasant, but it's not unpleasant. Lot of question marks going on. But again, you're going to get question marks when you're saving money this severely. 100 masks for $14.99 is an insane price. All right, this video is going way longer than we normally do. But this thing is just a box of mysteries I could say. Now, on the box, it claims ASTM level two, which is an American standard for testing. It uses literally this machine, the same exact machine, 0.1 micron particulates, these tiny, tiny particles that are shooting through, and it's supposed to filter 95%. So what do you think it did?

Let's do 93.

Way off. 81.3%, 81.3. That's really bad. That's really bad. This is the first box that I'm going to say it's probably some sort of a fake and I would not buy these. I would not buy these. Personally, I would not buy these. All the other ones I could see reasons you'd buy them. I would not buy these guys. Sorry, Dr. Moxa, if you are even indeed a real doctor.

All right, if you like this at all, like and subscribe. We appreciate it. We're trying an ROI on this. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on the masks, hundreds of thousands dollars in the equipment. It would help us a lot. Thanks very much and see you next time.

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