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Video Transcript All right everyone, today we are testing every single mask on Amazon. And when I say every mask, I mean, most of them, the ones we get our hands on anyways. For this video, we are looking at disposable face mask by Comix. I actually really like the box for this. It's a very unique box. You don't usually see a box with a hundred masks in it and you definitely don't see it side by side like this. So, kind of like this, excited to see what we're going to get out of this one. All right, ready to go. Oracio.


So Oracio is our head of finance and he's here to make sure that we're not wasting too much money. All right. Let's hit the start button and go. These are Chinese made masks. Again. I like the fact that they took the time to put a design in and a brand.

It says effective protection. Not really committing anything to that there. Just effective. It's effective. Particulate protection - oh, it protects against particulates. Oh well that's good, cause I have particulates coming at me all the time. I need protection from those. All right. Let's take a look at these masks because we're almost through here. These are look like they're in packs of 10. It's kind of just thrown in here which is kind of weird. I don't love the way that these are sealed. It's these kind of like, they don't seem like they're very... I don't like this type of plastic personally, but we'll see how it plays out. I'll grab a pack of- I do like that they're in packs of 10. That's really nice. Because you can put it in your back pocket, in your gun case, in your purse, in your boot. It fits in a boot.

We're getting weird here because this is the hundredth mass that we've tested. Oh yeah. That fits perfectly in the boot. There we go. That's good... and by the way, it's legal to conceal and carry masks in Texas. All right. Let's take a look at these masks here. You can take one. What do you think? Weird. They're doing black on the front and gray on the back.

Pretty strong.

Pretty strong. Ooh, but still that's real strong. That's really freaking strong. I got to give them that. That ear loop test is good. Let's do the test here. Put it on. Oh okay, look at this. It's like falling off my face. That's way too much ear loop guys. Comix, way too much ear loop. Why you give me all that ear loop?
Okay. It's like... there is a little chemical smell here, but it's not terrible. It's like the inside of a Porsche's glove box, you know?

That's okay.

Not terrible. I know like it's definitely chemical, but I don't hate it. Like it's not hitting you in the face. And it looks really good. I got to give them that. That's not bad. I do think the fit could be a little bit better, but generally speaking, like this is a well put together mask, but all right. None of that matters. As I said before, unless it's protecting you. So the American standard, ASTM standard has a minimum of 95% filtration. Typically we recommend personally ASTM level two or three. What do you think these guys came in at?

I'll go with 89.

Ooh, pretty good. 87.3. 87.385% to be exact. That's not terrible. Again, epidemiologists suggest that filtration should be at least above 80%. This is meeting that, certainly a lot better than cloth. Cloth is going to be in the 30 to 50 percent. So I'd recommend this above a cloth mask, but it is a lot lower than the American standard. So pretty good mask. If you like this review, if you think it was helpful. I mean, what are these? 20 bucks for these, it's a pretty good deal. If you end up buying these, give me a like, or a subscribe, or send me $20 on Venmo. Don't do that. Just like and subscribe. We'll see you in the next test.

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