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Video Transcript All right, everybody, today we are testing every mask on Amazon, okay? And the next one up is black disposable protective mask. I love the box on this. What's hilarious about this is that we ordered three different brands on Amazon and they came in this exact same box so it's this ... They're being marketed as different brands, which is very common on Amazon, and they're different.

This one is a very generic, it's not really branded at all, 50 piece disposable face masks, three ply disposable masks. They're really keyword stuffing here. Black face mask with elastic ear loop, black masks, breathable non-woven masks, fashion face covering for home, office, outdoor, but don't you dare wear it to the movies.

So let's go ahead and test this guy. All right, so hold that there. Put it down. Good. All right, and this on the box to start is claiming 95% filtration. I don't love the packaging on this. I love the box, the box is a soft touch box, which is this really ... They could sell an iPhone or condoms in this box or something, I don't know. But you're going to see right away that this bag has holes in it, right? So I don't love that because it's kind of unsanitary in that way. Now granted, the outer layer of the box was sealed in plastic, which is pretty cool. Again, but they're putting their certificate, their quality certificate inside the box. The reason I ... Or inside the mask bag. I don't like that again, because paper is not sanitary, it can carry disease so I don't love that there. I'm taking this out.

It's a black on black mask, which is great. Let's check the ear loops. Holy ... Oh, I mean, I was really yanking on that. I'm going to give them another round. Did you see that?


Okay. Okay, that's pretty good. Full nose wire, that's great. I'm going to put it on. Actually, these ear loops are really nice. They said on here ... What did they say? Unique elastic material. I mean, it's all kind of elastic but they're really soft. I like that. Okay, so I'm getting a pretty strong chemical smell from this. Again, I think the reason why that is, is because the way that they're packaging it in this really thin, really cheap plastic. All right, good construction. Great breathability, like insane breathability on these, but let's look at what our PFE machine says. So what do you think the efficiency is on this?

Let's go with 90. I'll give them a little bit of credit.

Give them some credit. 80.824%. I wouldn't go in a high risk situation with these. The construction is really nicely done, the packaging is sexy. It's under $10. I think it's a great deal. I would never wear these because I would be just worried that I would be getting something at 80%, but dang, $10, 80% efficiency, the breathability is really good. Thank you guys for watching. If this has been helpful at all, it would help because [inaudible 00:03:18] is making me say this, we need some likes and subscribe. So if you could like and subscribe, that would help. We've got an ROI on all these masks that we bought, so thanks again for watching and I'll see you next time.

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